Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount code

By applying the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon, you will have obtained great discounts on all the cosmetic products you want, our site provides discount coupons that help you buy your products at discounted prices than other places. Let’s get to know more about MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia, its divisions, products, policies, and more.

Know more about Mikyajy Saudi Arabia

MIKYAJY is a Gulf and specifically Saudi trading company that was established in 1999. Mikyajy specializes in the production and marketing of cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, and personal care products and displaying them through its website or applications. MIKYAJY owns 170 stores throughout the Arab Gulf countries.

Mikyajy MIKYAJY provides Arab women with everything they need to take care of their beauty and elegance, as it provides all kinds of cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products.

What distinguishes Mikyajy Saudi Arabia

When you deal with Mikyajy Store, you will notice that there are several advantages that the store provides, the most important of which are the following:

Providing the possibility of shipping and delivery to all countries of the world, including: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

A flexible and convenient return policy for the user.

Providing multiple, secure and reliable payment options such as: various credit cards or cash on delivery.

Providing original products from the most luxurious international brands, 100% safe.

Introducing many continuous offers through anyone using the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon on all products, in addition to seasonal offers on some products.

MIKYAJY Saudi Store Sections

First Section (Make-up Section): This section includes special women’s cosmetics and includes:

The face: This part contains facial products such as: “primer and fixing spray, free and corrector, blush, foundation, powder, contour and illumination, body palette, and body illuminator”, and there are many products in the store with a variety of brands.

Eyes: This section contains the aesthetic supplies of the eyes, such as: “eyeliner, eyebrow liner, mascara, eye shadow palette, false eyelashes, contact lenses, and eye palette.” There are many products in the store with a variety of brands.

Lips: This section contains the women’s necessities for the lips, such as: “lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, lip palettes.” There are many brands of these products in the store.

Nails: This section contains everything needed for nails, such as: “nail polish, nail care tools, manicure and pedicure tools.” There are many different brands of these products in the store.

The second section (gifts section): This section features a special touch for Mikyajy Store, as it provides gift sets that have been collected exclusively for users of this site, including: “Exclusive Ramadan Collection 2022 Edition, palettes, gift sets, and makeup boxes”, you can use a coupon Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount in this section as in other previous sections.

The third section (Perfumes Section): This section contains the most luxurious women’s perfumes needed for various parts of the body, including:

Collection Sensor.

Parfum perfume.

Toilet perfumes.

Body fresheners.

Oil perfume.

Gift sets.

Oil perfume.

Hair perfume.

Fourth Section (Accessories Section): This section contains a variety of women’s accessories that include:

Brushes and applicators: These include face brushes, eye brushes, sponges, and brush set.

Beauty Tools: These include false eyelashes, sharpeners, and nail accessories.

Skin cleansing essentials: make-up remover, wipes, and sanitizers.

Make-up bags.

Perfume atomizers.

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