MIKYAJY is a Gulf and specifically Saudi trading company that was established in 1999. Mikyajy specializes in the production and marketing of cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and personal care products and displaying them through its website or applications. MIKYAJY owns 170 stores throughout the Arab Gulf countries.

Mikyajy MIKYAJY provides Arab women with everything they need to take care of their beauty and elegance, as it provides all kinds of cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products.

Products that are eligible for Mikyajy Saudi Arabia MIKYAJY discount code

Mikyajy Saudi Arabia MIKYAJY store offers many products that the Mikyajy Saudi MIKYAJY discount coupon is valid for through their website, as follows:

First: Cosmetics, which include products for the face, eyes, and lips.

Second: Accessories, which include makeup brushes, face care masks, makeup boxes, makeup bags, mirrors, hair accessories, mascara, false eyelashes and eyebrow combs.

Third: Gifts, where MIKYAJY selects a group of its products and puts them in coordinated packages arranged for its customers.

Fourth: Nail care tools and products: These include nail care tools such as nail files and manicures.

Fifthly: Perfumes, MIKYAJY offers a wide range of body and hair perfumes in different feminine concentrations and scents suitable for all customers.

Mikyajy Saudi Features

When you deal with Mikyajy Store, you will notice that there are several advantages that the store provides, the most important of which are the following:

Providing the possibility of shipping and delivery to all countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

Providing original products from the most luxurious international brands, 100% safe.

A flexible and convenient return policy for the user.

Providing multiple, secure and reliable payment options such as: various credit cards or cash on delivery.

Introducing many continuous offers through anyone using the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon on all products, in addition to seasonal offers on some products.

MIKYAJY Saudi Store Sections

The sections of the MIKYAJY store vary, but they are similar in the ability to apply the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia MIKYAJY discount coupon, we will talk about each section in details below.

The first section (Make-up Section): This section includes special women’s cosmetics that you can use the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon code with, as follows:

Face: This part contains face products such as: “primer and fixing spray, blemish-corrector, blusher, foundation, powder, contour and illumination, body palette, and body illuminator”, and there are many products in the store with a variety of brands.

Eyes: This section contains the aesthetic supplies of the eyes, such as: “eyeliner, eyebrow liner, mascara, eye shadow palette, false eyelashes, contact lenses, and eye palette.” There are many products in the store with a variety of brands.

Lips: This part contains the women’s necessities for the lips, such as: “lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, lip palettes.” There are many brands of these products in the store.

Nails: This section contains everything needed for nails, such as: “nail polish, nail care tools, manicure and pedicure tools.” There are many different brands of these products in the store.

The second section (gifts section): This section has a special touch for Mikyajy Store, as it provides gift sets that have been collected exclusively for users of this site, including: “The exclusive Ramadan collection 2022 edition, palettes, gift sets, and makeup boxes”, you can use a discount coupon Mikyajy Saudi Arabia is in this section like any other previous section.

The third section (Perfumes Section): This section contains the most luxurious women’s perfumes needed for different parts of the body, which you can get at the best prices when you apply the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon with it, and it includes:

Collection Sensor.

Parfum perfume.

Toilet perfumes.

Body fresheners.

Oil perfume.

Gift sets.

Oil perfume.

Hair perfume.

Fourth Section (Accessories Section): This section contains a variety of women’s accessories that you can add the Mikyajy Saudi discount coupon to, as follows:

Brushes and applicators: These include face brushes, eye brushes, sponges, and brush set.

Beauty Tools: These include false eyelashes, sharpeners, and nail accessories.

Skin cleansing essentials: make-up remover, wipes, and sanitizers.

Make-up bags.

Perfume atomizers.


The most prominent brands included in Mikyajy Store MIKYAJY are Maybelline, Essence, Max Factor, NYX, L’Oreal, Flawless Mate, Flormar, Amanda, Jordana, Revlon, Oriflame, Revolution, The Balm, Chanel, Evis Rocher, Estee Lauder, Deo, Lancome, Mac, Clarins, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy.

Mikyajy store also includes other brands such as: ELF, Shiseido, Clinique, Nars, Luna, Avon, Oriflame, Benefit, Avene, Sephora, Urban Decay. You can buy any of these international brands from Mikyajy Store with your Mikyajy Saudi discount coupon application, so you will get the best price with the best brand.

How to order from Mikyajy Saudi Arabia

The process of ordering from Mikyajy Saudi Arabia is very easy, follow our instructions and be sure that you will end up at your home waiting for your order.

First: You must go to the official website of MIKYAJY Saudi Store.

Second: Browse the products, then click on the ones you like and that you intend to buy.

Third: Click on “Add to Bag” to add your favorite products to your shopping bag.

Fourth: You can check your previously selected products by clicking on the small bag icon at the top right of the MIKYAJY website page.

Fifth: If you have a discount code or offer, you will have to enter it in the provided field and then click on “Apply”, after you have applied one of these codes, you will find that the total price of your shopping bag has been updated according to this coupon.

Sixth: Check your shopping bag and go to the checkout when you’re ready.

Seventh: Fill in any shipping details required from you and then click on “Save and Continue”.

Eighth: Review all the details of your order and the total amount of the purchase again before completing the payment process.

Ninth: You will immediately see that the order has been confirmed with its number, which can be used for further correspondence about the status of your order, and you will also receive an email with the details of the order including its number with a summary of the products you have ordered with prices, applicable discount codes and information Shipping, invoice and delivery method.

You can track the order using the Aramex shipping policy on the Aramex website dedicated to tracking shipments, and you can cancel the order if it has not yet been shipped through your personal account on the site itself or by calling the customer service team at the numbers available on the store’s website.

How to use Mikyajy Saudi Arabia coupon code in 2022

First, visit our website and click on the code at the top of the page to have the discount code automatically copied.

Second, you have to go to the official website of MIKYAJY Saudi Store.

Third, add all your favorite products – best cosmetics, makeup and perfumes – to your cart, then complete the purchase and checkout.

Fourthly, paste the previously copied MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia Mikyajy coupon code in the place designated for it in the order summary, ie in the “Using the discount code” section.

Fifthly, click on “Apply Discount” The Saudi MIKYAJY discount coupon will be applied, you can check it when you see the applied discount percentage and the reduced price appears, so you have succeeded in saving your money by using the MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia discount coupon that our website provides.

Payment methods available in MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia

MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia offers multiple payment methods, all for the sake of an easy and convenient shopping experience for the user, the accepted methods are credit cards or debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), as for the accepted currencies and banknotes to pay using are: Saudi riyal, dirham UAE, US dollar

In addition to having the option to pay by card, there is also the option to pay on delivery, this option is preferred by some buyers because it allows them to pay the invoice as soon as the products reach them, knowing that there may be additional fees that apply when choosing to pay on delivery.

How to cancel your order at MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia

If you have decided not to purchase from MICYAJY and want to cancel your order, just follow these steps:

Go to “My Account and then to My Orders” and from there cancel your order. You should know that you can only cancel the order if its status is “Processing”, but if it becomes “Processed”, then you will not be able to cancel it in this way.

If your order is in the pre-shipment stage, then you are safe after, and you only need to contact the customer service team on the numbers on the official website of Mikyajy Saudi Arabia, and they will take care of canceling your order, the store confirms that no cancellation will be accepted if the order has been shipped Indeed unless the customer receives a damaged or wrong product.

Domestic and International Delivery of MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia

As for the local delivery, it means delivery within the United Arab Emirates or within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it usually takes delivery within the United Arab Emirates: 2 to 4 working days, while the delivery within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia usually takes 3 to 7 days.

 As for international delivery outside the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, it usually takes 10 to 15 days, and the countries that the store can deliver to are: Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

As for the delivery fee, it is 25 SAR across Saudi Arabia, 25 AED across the UAE, and 15 AED for express delivery on the same day across the UAE, the store delivers orders over 199 SAR or AED for free.

Mikyajy Saudi Arabia Return and Exchange Policy Mikyajy

To return your order, you must follow several steps and conditions that we will mention to you, the first of which is that all return requests must be raised within 7 days of receipt, and that no products that were included in the sales or offers can be returned as long as the customer did not receive a wrong or damaged product, as long as the delivery was not late.

The policy also states that MIKYAJY does not accept returns for make-up boxes unless a damaged product has been received or by mistake, and that the store does not accept returning products if they have been used even once or their packaging has been tampered with. Mikyajy stores have a return service to any of its showrooms to return your product and refund the amount paid in cash immediately, after using the “click and receive” service.

For credit card purchases, the owners can retrieve the products through the account registered with Mikyajy if they own it, but if they do not have an account on the site, they must contact the customer service team to help retrieve the products. As for international orders, customers bear customs duties, and the site does not accept returns.

How to download the MIKYAJY APP

The process of downloading the MIKYAJY application is not complicated and suitable for all mobile systems, as all you must do is the following:

First: Go to your mobile phone store, to Google Play if you are an Android user, and to the App Store if you are an iOS user.

Second: Search by name (MIKYAJY).

Third: Click on Install, so the application will be installed automatically.

Fourth: With this, the application will be installed in your phone, and you only have to enter the application and enjoy the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon on any product you want.

Offers and discounts on Mikyajy

The most prominent continuous offers in Mikyajy Saudi Arabia are the Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon of 10% on all products of the store, this coupon that can be used with any product, whatever its price, and by applying it, you will have obtained a discount that you are the first to use, even if it was a small percentage.

Common Questions:

How do I apply the promo code on my MIKYAJY products?

Enter the promotional code in the given field and click “Apply”. The total price of your shopping bag will be updated and displayed accordingly.

What is the strongest MIKYAJY Saudi Arabia discount coupon?

The Mikyajy Saudi Arabia discount coupon, which is valued at 10% off all products, is considered the strongest on Mikyajy’s website.

How long does it take for merchandise to be delivered domestically or internationally at MIKYAJY?

Delivery within the UAE takes between (2 to 4 days), and within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between (3 to 7) days, and from (10 to 15) days.

How can I track my order in MICYAJY?

The order can be tracked on the Aramex shipment tracking website using the Aramex policy.

How can I contact Mikyajy Customer Service?

Customer service can be contacted via the website’s e-mail, or via WhatsApp numbers, or the internal numbers on the website.