dailymealz Saudi discount code

Have you heard of dailymealz before? it is a Saudi meal subscription app that was created in 2017. the app aims to cover the need of people who has a rush day and complicated schedule and have difficulty making their food or plan for meals. by using our dailymealz Saudi discount code, you can have 60% percent discount on meals from most of the restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

This includes fast food dinners like Al-Baik, Kudo, Subway, Shawarmer, Maqloba, lean house, Shawarma house, Romansia restaurants, and many others.

There are a variety of food plans and monthly, weekly, and daily subscriptions that suit everyone. If you are looking for a food plan for your diet, or someone who can help you prepare your keto diet meals, dailymealz will be your best choice.

all with the best quality and efficiency to ensure you have the best food experience in dailymealz.

more about daliymealz policies


you can download the app from play or apple store or use the website from your PC for a better user experience.

First, you choose your region in Saudi Arabia. The service is available in Al-Riyadh, Jeddah, AL-Dammam, and Khobar. 

then you locate your specific position on the map and whether the service is for a person or a company.

choosing the type of service 

you should first decide whether plan you want:

  • healthy food with a counted- calories meal.
  • keto diet protein meals and free-of-carb food.
  • fast food meals.

choose from the different packages offered on dailymealz:

  • weekly healthy work lunch for 5 days.
  • weekly keto work lunch for 5 days.
  • weekly diet package for 7 days.
  • monthly diet package for 20 days.
  • monthly healthy lunch for work.

Other plans are available and you can customize your own food plan and choose the number of days, food type, amount, and calories.

food in dailymealz

everything is considered to be accurate and knit on dailymealz. food is brought on time and serviced in a bretty shape from Saudi Arabia’s best restaurants.

Each dish has its own ingredients and calories written on the label. plus you get to choose your delivery time freely. 

here is some of daily meals’ best dishes:

  • Grilled chicken with cheese and avocado
  • Beef mushroom with cauliflower rice
  • Butter chicken with vegetables
  • Chicken biryani with cauliflower rice
  • Zucchini Fettuccine with Chicken
  • Roast beef with mashed cauliflower
  • Creamy chicken with vegetables
  • Shrimp with sauce and vegetables
  • Grilled fish filet with herbs
  • Chicken curry with vegetables
  • JBeef fajita with vegetables
  • Hammour fish fillet
  • Jeddah Regime Center
  • Shish tawook with vegetables
  • Kofta in the oven with onions and tomato

You can order dishes separately or add them to your weekly or monthly packages.


delivery men at dailymealz are so fast, efficient and right on time. food in dailymealz do not only save you money and take good care of your health. It also saves your time and effort to pick up food from restaurants or pay for delivery.

There are also customer service agents to ask for any changes in appointments, meals or place of delivery.

why to choose dailymealz service?

The awareness of healthy food lifestyles and their importance has greatly increased through the years. people are being more attentive now to what they eat and concerned about their health more than ever. and this care of a healthy lifestyle requires much time and effort to pay off its results. 

Healthy food is not just about reducing your calories and eating more vegetables and fruits and less fat. It is the ability of balancing good taste and health and inventing ways to embrace your new food style and like it. This process requires much time to purchase food, find recipes to prepare it in a way that suits your diet, and finally cook it.

All of this needs a lot of time and effort that most working people can’t afford on a daily basis. 

This is why dailymealz can be perfect for you. from starting 33 SR for a meal, you will save your soul, money, effort and time.

Why choose dailymealz among other apps?

  • dailymealz is one of the first apps in saudi arabia to offer the food subscription service.
  • It collaborates with the most famous restaurants in KSA to provide you with a wide variety of choices everyday. This can only be found on dailymealz.
  • Its food suits everyone including those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle and looking for counted-calorie dishes. 
  • Special keto diet meals with high protein and low carb ingredients are also available.
  • special subscriptions for your days at work are offered, so that you don’t worry about your meal every day and focus on work.
  • for people who do not care about calories!! all your favorite fast food restaurants are available to choose from in the app.
  • fast delivery service with flexible hours.
  • You customize your own menu and choose what to eat and when.
  • reasonable prices come with good service.
  • special catering service for special occasions.

and with our 60% dailymealz discount code things got better and better.

catering service in dailymealz

besides the excellent food subscription service, dailymealz offers you the best catering service ever:

  • flexibility in budget prices.
  • ability of preparing usual ceremonies and celebrations.
  • This includes the decoration of the place and keeping everything in order. 
  • menus include the next national and international restaurants in Saudi arabia.
  • (packed food services) for special office meetings are available.
  • open buffet prepared and serviced in your place.
  • food trucks to make your ceremony special and add a fun theme to your celebration.
  • all these services come with a special waitresses team and best catering by professional workers.

the efficient work and accurate performance of dailymealz team made it gain its own customers’ trust and loyalty. that what made famous companies and facilities use their services. companies like American Express, Vitality and tawuniya bank. in addition to governmental contacts like saudi automobile and motorcycle federation.

dailymealz blog

A dailymealz isn’t just about delivery and preparation. The application has its special blog to advise you about the best restaurants in your area, best diet plans and meals, information about healthy products, best food regimens and time to eat, along with many other tips regarding food.

By this way, the app can become like a teammate during your journey of a healthy lifestyle. It can teach you the best approach regarding cooking, buying and preparing food.

opinions of customers about dailymealz

The recommendations and gratitude aboud dailymealz app genuinely comes from the excellent service and accurate timing. here is some of dailymealz customers’ opinions about the service:

“ the keto program that you have is amazing and i hope it lasts longer”

“ Everything arrived on time and I am very happy that I joined daily meals and subscribed to their service. i will definitely renew my subscription”

“ i like your fast response and customer service agents, honestly, they are so classy.”

People who tried other services and tried dailymealz, have confirmed that it proceeds to other places and applications in the variety of food and quality in service.

daily meals application s’ business service

dailymealz offers their customers in firms and companies special discounts to be able to have fixed meals regularly and at fixed prices. 

If you represent a company, you can have special monthly and weekly packages that provide your employees with food at lunchtime, prepare your meetings, and cater your ceremonies and special occasions.

and if you are an employee in a company that has a dailymealz subscription, you can enter the name of the company and your region to get a special discount on your own meals.

perks of daily meals application 

Besides the simple interface and the easy user experience, the app has a lot of options that help the customer to get all that he needs.

  • The application offers a variety of packages at prices that will definitely suit you (healthy food, keto diet, fast food, diet slimming, and mix)
  •  orders will be delivered to your preferred location and in any way you prefer. Where orders can be delivered to the door of the house, the office, or delivered to the security man or placed in front of the door..etc.
  • You can easily subscribe and schedule the start of the subscription according to your appointments and work nature.
  • Dailymealz has a specialized team in customer services to help you deal with all problems you might face like technical problems, or while dealing with delivery men.
  • Choose your meals among the best restaurants in the KSA. The DailyMealz app joins more than 120 restaurants.
  • You can modify the statements and meals at any time, even after completing the subscription. You can edit meals, delivery time, address, etc.
  • more than one payment method is available to make it more simple for customers.
  • Nutrients including (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and calories for meals are displayed within the app (except for fast food package meals).
  • plenty of offers and discounts are daily found in the app.
  • you can easily stop your subscription for several days and make a hold on the delivery.


How can I get discount codes and offers on dailymealz subscriptions? and how can I use them?

Dailymealz provides continuous offers and discounts on all packages available within the application (Healthy – Keto – Diet – Fast Food – Mix).

you can find out about offers and discount codes by mobile messages or via email. So, be sure to allow alert messages from settings and create an account from within the daliymealz app.

If you get a coupon or discount code, you can use it when subscribing.

All you have to do is to write the code in the “Discount Code” field, then press the “Apply” button.

The value of the subscription will appear before and after the discount.

note: you can only use one offer during the subscription and if it has a discount code on a previous offer in the app. the code will be used at the original price.

Can I change the time of my meals? 

yes of course. you can easily make any changes to your meals or in their delivery time even if you already had subscribed. You only have to do it 24 hours before single lunch meals, and 48 hours before 3-meal service ( the whole day).

How can I know the natural ingredients of food in the app?

the dailymealz app takes its ingredients seriously, they are not just satisfied with the information about meals that came from restaurants. The food is being trusted and valued by nutrition experts to set their nutritional value. This is to make sure that you get the information about your food correctly and without any misleads. You can check calories and nutritional value on the app before ordering the food.

the difference between canceling the subscription and holding it off?

if you can’t receive meals for some time you can hold your subscription, and all your info on the app will remain until you return to use the app.

If you want to permanently end your subscription, you can cancel it and delete your account from the app. 

Both processes can be done by calling customer services through the help button in the application.

Keeping your healthy lifestyle requires dedication and planning, especially when it comes to food and diet. and this process is difficult for many people, in the beginning, to maintain besides their work. That is why it is better to let others take care of your food when you start your healthy diet. use our 60% healtymealz Saudi discount code now and enjoy having the best food on time and at great prices.