dailymealz Saudi discount code

as we always promise on Black Friday Hot Deal, we keep providing you with the best discounts and offers on all goods and products from the best national and international companies. today’s discount is dailiymealz Saudi discount code. it is one of the best food subscription companies in Saudi Arabia.

dailymealz Saudi discount code

enjoy our 60% dailymealz Saudi discount code, and have the best food service in KSA with amazing prices. if you are looking for diet meals, keto food, fast food, mixed meals, and many other options, you can find it all on dailymealz application. 

enjoy having the best food from Saudi Arabia’s most famous restaurants like Al-Baik, Kudo, Subway, Shawarmer, Maqloba, lean house, Shawarma house, Romansia restaurants, and many others.

more about dailymealz application

dailymailz application was first created in 2017 in Riyadh. the company is considered one of the oldest to offer a food subscription service in KSA. it provides you with the best food recipes and meals for your diet, made by healthy restaurants like a lean house, Jeddah toasted, and Jeddah protein chef.

There are special subscription plans for monthly, weekly, and daily periods. There are also special business plans for companies’ subscriptions and employees. These plans enable you to have prepared meals delivered to your workplace regularly and at reasonable prices. 

features available in the app 

  • The application has a simple interface and an easy user experience.
  • you can choose your monthly, weekly, and daily menu from hundreds of choices in different restaurants.
  • The calories and nutritional value of meals are presented on the app to be able to count your calorie intake.
  • The information on food is checked and calculated by nutrition experts to make sure the information reaches you correctly.
  • you can change your meals later even if you have already subscribed. 

the dailymealz also has a special catering service to help you arrange your ceremonies with the best food and waitering service. it also has a blog to offer you smart tips and advice regarding food and cooking. What are you waiting for?! copy our dailymealz Saudi discount code now and enjoy having the best food service in Saudi Arabia.

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