Information about the R&B Fashion store 

R&B is Apparel Group’s best-known fashion store offering high-quality, affordable clothing across the Gulf. The brand offers exceptional clothing for children, women, and men.

R&B also offers a great range of shoes and accessories in a variety of styles to complement the perfect look. The brand also has a home section that offers a great selection of soft furnishings and home accessories, you will be satisfied after applying the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon.

How to order from R&B Fashion online?

Order your products online from R&B through these steps:

  • Visit the official site of the R&B store.
  • To buy the products you will click on each product.
  • Click on “Add to the basket.”
  • After they finished it, they moved to the shopping cart through the cart tag on the site’s page.
  • You will find all the products that have been added to you.

Don’t forget to use the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon to get a very special price for you.

R&B Fashion Store Features

The R&B Fashion store has many features that make it a unique store for buying and shopping online, including the following:

  • Free app to download and enjoy shopping.
  • There are many payment methods, Great offers for all year-round users.
  • You can easily track your orders via the app, you can get free shipping.
  • You can now subscribe to the newsletter of your site by e-mail and follow all the news.
  • Excellent customer service for all users, the platform contains the latest international fashion trends.
  • You can get the application from our website for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Awesome store UI design.
  • Availability of great discounts after R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon application.

R&B Fashion Store sections

R&B Model Store consists of six main sections as follows:

  1. Kids Fashion
  2. Women’s Fashion
  3. Men’s Fashion
  4. Lingerie
  5. Shoes
  6. Accessories

All these products can be purchased after using the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon.

R&B Fashion Kuwait Store departments

 The store sections are: First, the women’s section: find here the best dresses, blouses, coats, shirts, pants, skirts, jeans, jackets, luxury shoes, sneakers, socks, all kinds of accessories, bags, wallets, handbags, Jewelry, watches, sunglasses, belts, hair accessories, exquisite travel accessories, and sportswear.

Second, the Children’s Section: This section contains a collection of the best baby clothes from birth to teenagers in different sizes and also contains hair accessories, coats, bags, school supplies, and hats. 

Third, men’s section: in the men’s section, the section has a variety of modern suits for everyone, including shirts such as light shirts, coats, jackets, hoodies, underwear, sweatpants, jeans, and accessories such as bags, wallets, travel accessories, and everything men need. All these products can be purchased after using the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon.

How do I use the R&B Fashion discount coupon in 2023? 

If you want to save money when buying from your favorite store, you only have to use the Kuwait discount coupon, so here we have put steps to use the R&B Fashion 2022 discount as follows: Access the official R&B Fashion Store website from Google. then, use a Kuwait discount coupon.

We paste the R&B Fashion discount coupon into its custom field before the payment page of the store, and it will be deducted from the amount. Now you will have the discount and can shop easily and safely from the official store after you have used the discount code on your products.

Payment Methods at R&B Store

The store accepts payment through a variety of different methods which include:

All credit cards such as Visa, and MasterCard, plus payment upon receipt. You can use the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon to get a very special price for you.

You cannot pay by asking for a withdrawal or cheque. It is not possible to split the gift voucher online. If you think your credit card has been infiltrated, you should notify your bank immediately.

Reliability and credibility in R&B Kuwait store products

R&B Kuwait store is a reliable store, its products are reliable and suit different and varied needs at all times and seasons, as I am reliable in the ability to use discounts specifically Kuwait coupons.

R&B is a very reliable store, it provides reliable global products from the most luxurious brands, discounts are valid on clothes and all store products, so the customer who wants to buy can buy with the use of the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon.

R&B Fashion Kuwait’s return policy

The method of returning products varies by region and shipping methods available, the shipping and return policies can be summarized as follows: First, the return process must be initiated within 14 days from the date of purchase, after which it cannot be returned or exchanged. You cannot replace any product purchased during the period of offers or discounts. 

The policy also stipulates that the product must be in its original condition with the purchase invoice. As to whether you have received defective products, refuse to receive them, and communicate with the store. Please ensure that the products are safe before you receive the package. Don’t forget to use the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon.

If the products are damaged upon receipt, the shipping fee will be refunded when your money is refunded and the replacement process is automated if the required products are still available at the store, and you must contact the store’s customer service team to return any product.

How to track orders in the R&B Fashion Kuwait store?

You can track your order very easily by following the following steps:

First, go to your account and then go to My Requests, then on All Orders, then click on Order Tracking, view the Order Status Tracking Information Window, and view the Order Status Tracking Information Window.

Or click on your order link on the track, and your order status will be displayed. Enter the order number and search for the following link, and you can track your order and check the status of the order. Don’t forget to apply the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon on your products.

How to cancel my order from the R&B Fashion Kuwait store? 

You can cancel your order completely before it is shipped, so you will know if the order has been shipped or not. Click on “Order Status.” and then click on the specific order link. This will assure you of the status of your request.

The money recovery process takes 7 days for the money to be returned to you. Payments will then be returned to your credit card account. Work will be done to return your money after making sure the returns are safe. Apply the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon on your products and get great discounts.

The option to return the products

Yes, and that’s because R&B Fashion strives to satisfy you with the products you order, so R&B offers a 14-day return opportunity with easy returns and exchanges. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange or return most items.

Also, if the item you ordered is not in good condition, damaged or defective, or if the item you delivered is not what you expected, put the unused item in the original packaging and send the tag. R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon can help you to get great discounts on all the products you want.

R&B Fashion Kuwait products shipping for free

Most online stores seek to facilitate the shopping process and create a unique user experience, and one of the main ways to motivate customers to complete the purchase is free shipping or free home delivery.

the amount can be known by looking at the store’s shipping and delivery page to make sure that the size of the basket exceeds this number to get free shipping without paying additional costs. Using the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon can help you to get huge discounts on all the products you want.

What happens if the ordered products are not available?

If products are not available when you add them to your shopping bag, you will be notified immediately, and they will not be added to your shopping bag. If products are not available after adding them to your shopping bag but before checkout is complete, you will be notified at the time of checkout. 

If the product is out of stock after placing the order and receiving the order confirmation, we will do our best to fulfill the order by sourcing the ordered products. In cases where we are unable to deliver it to you,

Or if it takes longer than 9 days to ship, we will inform you of the delay and cancel the order. We will also cancel any fees charged to your credit or debit card for that product. In this case, you can use the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon.

Mother’s Day gifts at R&B Fashion Kuwait Store

The R&B store provides distinctive gifts for Mother’s Day. As you know, it’s not easy to find ways to express the love each mother deserves perfectly, but thankfully, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show how appreciative mothers are and our pride in their existence. Sure, it would be a nice gesture from you if you used a discount coupon.

The gift conveys a lot to those to whom it is given. It is worth the effort, especially if you surprise them with what they love. The store here helps you choose to express your love so that they are sure to love it. We encourage you to apply the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon to your purchases in the store.

R&B Fashion Kuwait coupon 2023

Today, we no longer have enough time to shop and search for the best products at the cheapest prices, and the effort spent during the long shopping trip makes us think a thousand times before we start this arduous journey, but with the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon 2022, it will be completely different.

As online shopping has become the alternative and ideal solution for many of us, the organizers of all the platforms were interested in providing distinctive and exclusive discount codes on many distinguished Arab and international brands to enjoy a safe electronic shopping journey and enjoy huge discounts with the R&B Fashion discount coupon.

Benefits of registering

If you are a registered member, you will get the following benefits:

Sign in and proceed to checkout for quick ordering and ordering. History: Review the details of your order. In addition to creating and saving the addresses of your family and friends for faster checkout. 

Benefits also include returns management, e-wallets, and wish lists which are available. With the R&B Fashion Kuwait discount coupon, you can get the best prices on your favorite products.

Common Questions

What happens in my absence when the goods are delivered?

The shipping company will come back to your place. You should plan and coordinate your purchase so that someone else will receive it in your absence.

Is there a limit to the quantity I can order from R&B Fashion?

No, but when large quantities are ordered, we may check for your security to make sure you have ordered these.

Where does R&B fashion deliver? 

R&B fashion is currently delivering to major cities in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, KSA, Oman, and Bahrain.

How can I receive my money back for an item that I have returned or canceled?

You will receive your money back in the same way you paid for the purchase. However, for COD orders, they will be credited to the online R&B wallet.

Can I change the shipping address of the order?

You can change the shipping address before billing and shipping your order by contacting customer service via email.