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With the Noon Saudi discount code, you can get the latest exclusive offers to get the best products through this store, you can browse the latest offers that make up many products through our website.

Information about the Noon store

Noon Store was successfully established, with a total investment of $1 billion to open the store alone, enough to compete with large online stores in the same field. Since the main shareholder in Noon Store is the Saudi Investment Fund, its stake in Noon Store is 50%.

But since the store’s opening, everyone has come together to make it an excellent showcase for retail sales in various Arab countries, allowing the store’s visitors to vary between 15 and 20 million visitors per month.

Commission on every sale in Noon Market

Many people ask about “how much Noon percentage of the seller” and the commission on sales is the source of profit for sales platforms such as Noon shopping site and others, so below we will learn about Noon’s percentage of sales, and you can use Noon Saudi discount code.

The method of calculating the Noon commission on sellers varies according to the type of product and according to the method of sale that the seller has previously chosen. Is selling by Noon FBN or selling by the seller, and Noon’s percentage of sales ranges from 3.9% to 27% of the sale price.

What are the most important features of Noon?

  • The financial transaction is done securely by protecting all customer data using several advanced technical means.
  • Customer service works around the clock and is directed to all countries of the Arab world in order to achieve customer satisfaction by answering all inquiries.
  • Comprehensive warranty operations on all goods as well as providing all repair methods, and Noon products are characterized by 100% quality and authenticity, and you can use Noon Saudi discount code.

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