In continuation of the first part of our topic about the criteria for buying the best laptop that fits personal needs and provides practical performance suitable for your personal preferences, we continue with the second part of the Black Friday Hot Deal blog, the second part about the considerations that must be taken into account when deciding to buy a device that meets your individual requirements, where you can Keep the following points in mind:

4- The device must be from a trusted company

It is necessary to focus while buying your laptop, that it be from a reliable company with a good reputation, and focus on choosing a company that provides warranty and technical support available in your country, and we can say that the best laptop companies are Apple, then Acer, and then Lenovo for their distinction at the level of specifications technical, extended life of use, a guarantee of operation, and the presence of technical support in most countries of the world.

5- Taking battery life into account

It is necessary to pay attention to the battery life element when choosing a new laptop. If you have a need to use it outside the home or in places where an electric source is not available for charging most of the time, then you should choose a laptop with a powerful battery that provides work for 8 hours continuously, and it is also necessary Do not rely entirely on the specifications provided by the manufacturer, as you should search for yourself in the reviews and recommendations by normal users or from the e-commerce website that you are going to buy from.

6- The need to choose a device with an appropriate processor

When choosing a laptop, you must know the type of processor that you want to have in parallel with the nature of your use and its suitability for your budget at the same time. Here are a set of tips that must be taken into account:

The best processor is currently AMD and Intel.

Your choice of processor should be based on speed, and this is far from the number of cores, as high speed is the ideal determinant of the high performance of the processor.

There must be compatibility between the processor, RAM, graphics card, and main board, in order to prevent problems with the performance of the device.

Choose the latest generation processor, or the latest one anyway depending on your budget.

When choosing a processor, the number of cores must not be less than four.

In case a processor with strong performance is chosen, it is better to have it accompanied by a cooling system to counteract the high temperature of the processor.

This was the second part of our topic about the criteria for buying the best laptop suitable for you, your personal needs, and your budget. In the third part, we complete information about the best processors, which include:

  1. Intel Core i5
  2. Intel Core i7
  3. Intel Core I7-7820X
  4. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  5. AMD Threadripper
  6. Intel Pentium G4560
  7. AMD A, FX, or E Series
  8. AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  9. Intel Xeon

While we also cover the most preferred graphics cards with detailed specifications and what distinguishes each card.

From the Black Friday blog, we advise you to review the first part, With reading the third part and we wish you a distinguished choice for your new laptop do not forget to take advantage of exclusive discount coupons valid on laptops, such as the effective Noon discount coupon when shopping for your laptop from the online store that provides the latest Laptop brands and the best quality and appropriate in terms of the price according to the exclusive offers offered by the store on a regular and seasonal basis. The Noon discount coupon adds an effective additional discount, which provides more support for your savings.

Follow us in the third part to choose the best laptop as a good deal that guarantees suitability in terms of cost and high quality.

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