Tryano, UAE discount code

It is a code available on the site, which in some cases varies in proportion, depending on the code available at that time on the site.

The discount code can be used in more than one country or in a specific country, such as the Tryano UAE discount code, which is for the United Arab Emirates only.

The discount percentage varies, and therefore the value of the amount that is saved, as the codes provided by the site are constantly varied.

Information about Tryano

It is a store specialising in the sale of retail products where there are many products and sections in the store, and each section contains different products.

The site includes all products for women, children, and men, and through the Tryano UAE discount code, you can get a discount when using it.

And you can shop online through the online shopping service and home delivery, which the site offers to its customers.

United Arab Emirates tryano address

Tryano provides home delivery and online shopping, i.e., through the online store, to satisfy customers who prefer this way of shopping.

And when you shop online, you can use the Tryano UAE discount code and get a big discount depending on the available discount code.

But there are some people who do not like to shop online, so they need a place to go when doing the shopping process, so the address of the Tryano store in the UAE is:-

Ground Floor, Al Waha Court, Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

10% Tryano UAE discount code

It is one of the discount codes provided by the Tryano website in the United Arab Emirates, which provides you with a 10% discount on the value of the invoice.

You can use this code when purchasing any of the products available on the site in the United Arab Emirates, as it is not intended for specific products or a specific amount is required to be used.

You can also use any other discount code that is available at the time you make the purchase, as there are times when a discount is available at a greater rate than that, on special occasions, holidays, and so on.

Benefits of the Tryano UAE website

The Tryano site offers many advantages because it seeks to satisfy customers as much as possible, in addition to the services it provides.

One of the great features of the site is that it provides discount codes on an ongoing basis, including the Tryano UAE discount code, which is available in the United Arab Emirates.

Other features available on the site include:

  1. The site contains the best and latest designs because it includes famous international brands designed by the world’s largest designers and it always follows fashion in all products.
  2. It is a store dedicated to all members of the same family, because all rads can shop through the Tryano store because it includes different products for all individuals, some of which are for children, the last for women, and another for men.
  3. All products on Tryano are 100% original, no doubt about it.
  4. ships at tryano quickly, one of the quickest to ship
  5. The company offers an online shopping service through the site.
  6. The site offers home delivery.
  7. The site provides various discounts and discount codes on an ongoing basis.

About Tryano

The Tryano store is a store with many different sections, and all sections contain a group of products featuring the latest fashion and the best world-famous brands.

It is also not limited to being an online store or a website only, as it has a very large branch, with an area of more than 15,000 square meters, to include various products from clothes and shoes, even cosmetics, personal care, and others.

This site offers a range of very distinctive services, so it has become one of the best stores specialising in selling retail products to customers.

Tryano’s return and exchange policy

You can easily return the products to Tryano, but it is required that the products be in their original condition and have not been damaged.

You can easily refund the money paid, that is, after the discount that you have obtained through the Tryano UAE discount code when using it.

But the method of refunding money differs depending on the method used when you pay. If you pay with any of the different credit cards, the money will be returned to the same account.

Whereas, if you pay through PayPal or cash on delivery, the refund will be in the form of a voucher that you can use on your next purchase, but you will not refund the customs, freight, or tax money.

Delivery time in Tryano

The delivery period varies based on the country to which it is shipped, and that period also varies from one city to another city or governorate in the same country.

This is because the laws of countries differ in entering products, and the period varies depending on the payment method you have chosen, because the shipping company differs based on the payment method.

The following are some of the delivery times in the company, for some different countries and cities:

The United Arab Emirates

The delivery time in the UAE varies depending on the region in which the shipment is located and the address in which it is located, but in all cities it does not take long to ship.

When entering the Emirates website and purchasing products, enter the Tryano UAE discount code to get the product discount.

Then choose the payment method, which will result in the delivery period being as follows:-

  • Products will be delivered on the same day you place the order, before 3 pm, as the method of payment.
  • In Dubai, products are delivered on the second day of ordering, depending on the payment method.
  • The rest of the Emirates: The shipping period varies for each city or governorate, but in most cases, the delivery period is not less than one day and does not exceed three days on any of the working days of the order.

Saudi Arabian Kingdom

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the delivery of products at Tryano is usually not delayed, but the time varies from place to place and from one payment method to another.

But don’t forget to use the Tryano UAE discount code or similar code when purchasing products and shipping to Saudi Arabia.

  • In Jeddah and Riyadh: In the case of payment with different credit cards, the delivery time to them is two days, but in the case of payment upon receipt, the delivery time will be approximately six days.
  • The rest of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The delivery period is approximately 4 days, but when you choose to pay upon receipt, that period will increase by one or two days at most.
  • In the event that the products are perfumes or nail polish, the shipping period will increase, as it is about 7 days in this case.


which differs from Kuwait from all other countries in that the delivery schedule is based on the products that are highly demanded.

There are some products that are shipped quickly and some other products that may take some time in shipping to the address installed on the site.

Here is the delivery period for the products in Kuwait as follows:

  • Fashion products: They are shipped within two days of the order process, and fashion includes clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and so on.
  • Al-Jinal products:- It takes 5–6 days to ship them, depending on the laws of the airlines.
  • In the case of payment upon receipt, shipping takes 6 to 7 days, depending on the shipping company.


The State of Qatar is distinguished in that it is one of the fastest countries to be shipped to, as this period is fixed and does not vary.

The delivery time in Qatar does not depend on the type of product or payment method, as it happens in other countries, as all products are shipped on the next business day after the order process.

It depends on the type of product or payment method. When purchasing, use a code such as Tryano UAE discount code, available in the UAE.


The State of Bahrain is like the country of Qatar in that the products are delivered at a fixed time, depending on their type or the chosen method of payment.

As it is shipped within a day after the day of ordering the products, shipping in Bahrain is one of the countries with very fast shipping.

When purchasing products, you must use the codes available in Bahrain, which are like the Tryano UAE discount codes found in the United Arab Emirates.

Other countries

Delivery time varies in each country depending on the country to which it is shipped, but the average period is from 8 to 15 days.

In the event that the products belong to beauty products, the delivery period is from 7 to 12 days from the request of the products, depending on the laws and regulations.

In addition, when you buy in any country, a code such as Tryano UAE discount code will be available for it, and therefore you will get a huge discount rate.

Triano Sections

Tryano includes a number of different sections divided according to the type of person who uses the products.

And in each section, you will find a number of other different sections divided according to the products this time.

In all the sections, you will be able to use the Tryano UAE discount code when purchasing, and the sections on the site are:-


which includes all the products in the women’s section, that is, everything that women wear and the caretakers are divided into several different sections: –

  • Clothing
  • shoes
  • accessories
  • bags
  • jewelry
  • What’s New?
  • Edits

In each section you will find a number of different products included, for which you can use the Tryano UAE discount code to purchase any of these products.


The men’s section also includes a number of different sections that are classified according to the products used by men.

Each section includes a variety of products with different shapes and prices suitable for all tastes, and you can enter the Tryano UAE discount code when purchasing any of these products.


The partition includes the different products used by children, whether they are products for male or female children.

The sections in the children’s section are:

  • What’s New?
  • Edits 
  • Baby
  • Girls
  • Boys

Also, each of these sections includes a number of different subdivisions, and you can use the Tryano UAE discount code in any section.


This section includes all the different beauty and personal care products, whether for skin or hair care, and you can use the Tryano UAE discount code when purchasing them.

Are Triano products authentic?

Yes, Tryano products are 100% original, as they belong to the best international brands.

Does Tryano offer discount codes and offers?

Yes, it offers discount codes for all countries, such as the Tryano UAE discount code.

Can products be returned after ordering?

Yes, products can be easily returned, but the products must be in their original condition.

Does Tryano offer free shipping?

Yes, but if the value of the application exceeds 250 AED or more, or its equivalent in any other country.

Can I track my order in Tryano?

Yes, you can easily track the order in Tryano until it is delivered to you.

Finally, when you use Tryano and purchase different products through it, you must use the Tryano UAE discount code in the United Arab Emirates or other codes available in other countries to get a discount.