Sivvi UAE store 

Sivvi One of the largest online shopping stores, this store provides products in different and varied categories, where it provides everything that is in line with fashion and everything new, whether for men or women, of the world’s most famous brands at the cheapest prices through a Sivvi UAE discount coupon.

With excellent service and fast delivery, the store provides us with a Sivvi UAE discount code, which has many discounts and offers for users to order products at premium prices. Sivvi represents a unique online shopping experience within the Arab countries, featuring a unique range of international products known for their quality and distinctive designs.

Sivvi UAE Store Sections with Sivvi UAE discount coupon

The Sivvi UAE Store has a lot of sections that meet all the needs of the family in terms of clothing and shoes for women, men, and children, as well as accessories, bags, and beauty care tools. With the provision of home decorations, sports tools, and a Sivvi UAE discount coupon, the sections include:

Men’s Section: This section contains all that meets your man’s needs of accessories, costumes, and many other products such as comfortable clothes, shorts skirts, tassels, sports clothing, swimwear, sea and tea shirts, as well as shoes for the most famous international brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma.

Women’s Section: It contains all women’s supplies, including costumes, shoes, accessories, and all beauty and makeup tools, as well as constant Ramadan offer on all products available in the store. It also provides the latest modern styles that suit all tastes.

Children’s section: The section contains the best products that every mother seeks for her children, from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and many other products for boys and girls, with amazing discounts on all purchases. The section provides care products used by all women and men, such as skincare, makeup, hair care, body care, perfumes, accessories, and others.

What’s special about the Sivvi UAE?

  • The products offered are comprehensive, providing distinctive and elegant products for all categories. The Sivvi UAE store includes four main sections, including products and supplies for women, men, and children, as well as a section for beauty and care products from leading brands.
  • With an easy and free refund policy, Sivvi UAE allows products to be returned within 15 days from the date of purchase at no additional cost. Try to use Sivvi UAE discount coupon on your products.
  • Sivvi UAE offers authentic products at fair prices and offers distinctive and elegant products for all categories. The Sivvi UAE store includes four main sections, including products and supplies for women, men, and children, as well as a section for beauty and care products from leading brands.
  • Fast and secure delivery services ensure that you receive your purchases from Sivvi as soon as possible. We offer same-day shipping and delivery under specific conditions.
  • Free shipping and delivery at Sivvi UAE. This free shipping service is available without a minimum order requirement for all customers and online shoppers. Save your money by applying Sivvi UAE discount coupon.
  • Sivvi UAE offers innovative offers and downloads in the UAE on various products, increasing the store’s luxury and increasing purchases through it, especially as the site offers global brands known for their brands and high prices.
  • Multiple payment methods available, Sivvi UAE offers effective payment methods in all countries where it operates, where you can choose from a wide range of easy and secure payment methods to shop for the most beautiful products.

How to buy at the Sivvi UAE Store

Take a tour of the Sivvi UAE store and select the product you want to buy, then press “Add to Bag.”  Go to the list and press “Complete Purchase.” You will be directed to the “Address” page. Select your address accurately, then click on the word “Follow.”

Then select the payment method, whether it’s Visa, Bank, or Cash, and then click on the order confirmation word, so the purchase from Sivvi UAE is done successfully. Don’t forget to apply Sivvi UAE discount coupon to your store purchases.

How to use Sivvi UAE discount code 

Through our site, click on the Sivvi UAE discount coupon to automatically copy the code that will meet the discount code, after which go to the official Sivvi UAE Store. Add everything you want to your Sivvi UAE shopping bag and continue to complete your purchase.

And paste the Sivvi UAE discount code into its box in the order summary, and click “Use” to activate the Sivvi UAE discount code, so you have succeeded in saving money using the Sivvi UAE discount code or the Sivvi discount code. Always make sure to apply a Sivvi UAE discount coupon after checking your order.

What do you need to use the Sivvi UAE discount code?

Sivvi UAE discount coupon provides you with a discount on all products on Sivvi, including discounted products of all categories. All you need to do is copy a Sivvi UAE coupon and then paste the code when you pay to activate the discount.

Sivvi UAE is a fashion and clothing store for the whole family online, providing great discount codes for everything you want to buy.

What payment methods are available when shopping from Sivvi UAE?

Enjoy discounts by using the Sivvi UAE discount coupon when applying to your purchases at the Sivvi UAE Store, whichever payment method includes:

  1. Payment by Mada Card when shopping online at the Sivvi UAE website.
  2. Payment by Master Card or Credit Card when shopping online at Sivvi UAE.
  3. Payment upon receipt when shopping online from the Sivvi UAE website; the site may charge extra fees for this service.
  4. Payment by American Express Card.
  5. Pay with Apple Pay when shopping online at Sivvi UAE.
  6. Payment by Visa Card when shopping online at the Sivvi UAE store.
  7. PayPal payment when shopping online at Sivvi UAE.

Shipping & Delivery Services from Sivvi UAE Store

Sivvi in the UAE adopts a distinctive approach to delivering shipments to online shoppers by providing the fastest delivery services. The first is Delivery within 3 hours in the UAE from the Sivvi. Online delivery is available within 3 hours from the Sivvi site in Dubai when shopping online takes place between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. during the official working days (Sunday through Thursday).

The Second is Same-day delivery in the UAE from the Sivvi. You can use an online delivery service from the Sivvi in the UAE on the same day when you complete your online purchase before noon during the official working days from Sunday to Thursday.

The third is the Next day delivery in the UAE from the Sivvi. The service to pick up your orders from the Sivvi website in the UAE the next day is available for all purchase orders placed after midnight except Thursday. Save your money by using the Sivvi UAE discount coupon before buying.

Value of shipping costs to the United Arab Emirates, Sivvi

Delivery and shipping fees from the Sivvi Store in the UAE vary, depending on whether they are on the same day or the next, and are generally acceptable and especially suitable for those who need to receive their purchases on the same day or the next.

The same-day delivery cost when shopping online from Sivvi UAE is 20 AED for all purchases from Sivvi UAE, but this only applies to Dubai. The next day of delivery and shipping from Sivvi UAE for orders under 100 AED is 9 AED. Try to use the Sivvi UAE discount coupon before buying your favorite products from Sivvi UAE.

Free delivery services can be used at the Sivvi UAE website for orders exceeding 100 AED. All this is done to demonstrate the interest of Sivvi UAE in shoppers by providing the best products and original brands, as well as a range of services that offer shopping pleasure in addition to savings.

Terms of return and replacement of products in Sivvi UAE

First, the duration of the request for a return or replacement must be five days before receipt of the product; you must keep the original invoice of the product you obtained, and the product is not used in any way. It also stipulates that the original packaging must be kept and not destroyed and that all the original labels on it must also be preserved. 

Products that you cannot retrieve or replace include swimming clothes from Sivvi UAE for underwear, all kinds of cosmetics and skin and body care products, as well as any products that have been tightly wrapped and opened by the customer, and finally, tattoos, etc. Save your money by using the Sivvi UAE discount coupon before buying products.

How to get money back from Sivvi UAE

You can get your money back if you pay via Visa Card within 20 days from the date of submission of the order, the store will return the money in the same period with PayPal, and you will find your money in your account immediately. It is worth noting that the store also sends you a voucher for the same amount in case you want to exchange it and do not return it.

If the mistake is from the store and a product is delivered to you, the store will take care of all expenses for replacement and shipping, and if you do not want the product, the shipping expenses will be deducted from the amount before being refunded to your account. You can make a new order and discount it via the Sivvi UAE discount coupon.

How to communicate with the Sivvi UAE Customer Service Team

Sivvi UAE offers you three different ways to communicate with our customer service team and help department. First is Contact Sivvi UAE Customer Service via telephone, which is a way many shoppers prefer to use to easily communicate quickly and directly with the Sivvi UAE Customer Service team and get answers to inquiries.

Second is Contact Sivvi UAE Customer Service via email, which is one of the best free communication methods that contribute to the knowledge of the various services and policies of the site and where you can send an email to Sivvi UAE for any inquiry.

The third is Contact Sivvi UAE Customer Service via Social Media, as Sivvi UAE provides response and inquiry service via messages through their various social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Save your money by using Sivvi UAE discount coupon on Sivvi UAE store products.

10% discount code for all women’s clothing

The Sivvi UAE discount code enables you to apply a 10% Sivvi UAE discount to all women’s fashion collections in various categories on the Sivvi UAE website. Don’t miss Sivvi UAE ‘s sale of up to 70% on all fashion for women, along with a 10% Sivvi UAE discount coupon on every purchase at the Sivvi UAE store.

The Sivvi UAE Code has been activated to get a strong 10% Sivvi UAE discount on clothing, shoes, and accessories for the most popular local and international brands and the most important fashion houses.

10% Sivvi coupon on all men’s fashion

A Sivvi UAE discount coupon gives you a 10% discount on all men’s fashion on the Sivvi website. exclusively via the Sivvi code sticker on the Check Out page to achieve a discount and save money.

Sivvi Fashion Men’s Branch is the category intended by men on Sivvi to coordinate their looks, which provides them with all the clothes they need for all occasions, fields, and activities, but the T-shirts and blazers in Sivvi Store are the most attractive and popular for men.

Sivvi codes offer you a strong Sivvi code of 30% off all clothing, footwear, and menswear accessories on Sivvi UAE. Try to buy from the Sivvi UAE store by applying these nice discount codes.


Where is the order delivery service available on Sivvi?

Orders are available only in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

How can I follow my order in Sivvi UAE?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an SMS with the delivery company’s call number or a link to reschedule or cancel the delivery date.

When can I get my order?

You will learn the status of your order via SMS and email.

How do I check the balance in my wallet?

The balance of the wallet is transferred by cashback only.

How can I return the product?

You can create a return request if there is an order shipped to you that was classified as a returned product within 15 days from the date of delivery.