Information about the Namshi Emirates website

The Namshi UAE website, which is one of the most important social networking sites, provides a lot of things and products manufactured in a wonderful and modern way, such as: Clothes and accessories.

In addition, the Namshi UAE website provides modern, beautiful and high-end shoes, which are considered among the finest shoes that exist without a doubt and beautiful bags with high taste and beautiful Which people like the most.

Who among us does not want to buy products at a lower price than the usual and shop at a lower price, and also by saving a little money, and buying more products and also with quality Top and beautiful modern designs, with the use of Namshi UAE discount code.

Released on September 14, 2014 by Namshi, a program that interests fashion lovers, and those looking for the latest trends, Namshi is the largest fashion and fashion website on the Internet in the Middle East through the use of the Namshi UAE discount code.

There is a lot of important information about the Namshi UAE website, as it is a site where a lot of designers, top fashionistas and fashion owners are available, and modern and high-value fashion has also been provided, which is characterized by high quality.

 However, the Namshi UAE discount code has been provided on all products in order to save people shopping for less price and good quality, with its various sections of clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men and children, all without the need to shop in malls.

Namshi app features

  1. The application is based on its popularity, and its prices, when choosing a brand.
  2. The ability to scan products in several angles and zoom in to check their details.
  3. Add items to your shopping bag and save it for later.
  4. Availability of cash payment upon receipt of the product, or using a credit card.
  5. Allow friends to share via social networking sites.
  6. The Namshi app provides free delivery service to all parts of the Gulf Cooperation Council and – Free next day delivery for the United Arab Emirates.
  7. – The possibility of exchanging the product for free within 14 days from the date of purchase.

How can you check your merchandise from home?

Through the Namshi application, you can know the number of times the product was viewed by other customers who entered the selected fashion page to know the quality of the offered product to determine the possibility of buying it.

By searching for another product, or placing it in the favorites to search for it more until returning again, you can share any product with your friends on multiple social networking sites, and you should use Namshi UAE discount code.

One of the advantages of the Namshi website is that the discount on shoes, clothes, accessories and also bags is 20% to save money on people, this is done by using the Namshi UAE discount code.

Namshi website sections

The Namshi website has been built according to divisions that make shopping or even just browsing an easy and enjoyable experience. It contains a section for women’s clothes, another section for men’s clothes, and section for children’s clothes.

Also a section for children’s clothes, and a section for cosmetics and perfumes, and within each section there are sub-sections for clothes, shoes, bags and clothing.

Sports and home supplies, which are also divided into many subsections, including books, technology accessories, and home supplies in their various forms. Personal preferences, most people in UEA use Namshi UAE discount code.

What is the UAE Namshi discount code?

Namshi UAE discount code 2022 on all products – Use the cod, The Namshi discount code allows you to apply the Namshi UAE discount code of up to 20% on all your favorite fashion.

And fashion products on the Namshi UAE website – copy the Namshi coupon and paste the offer code in the cart summary to apply the discount and save money with using Namshi UAE discount code.

And also enjoy a very big discount on the wonderful and beautiful products that are in line with the lights in the year 2022 at the lowest costs through the site, so do not miss this opportunity and buy the wonderful collections of your favorite fashion and your favorite shoes.

 As well as bags at a discount of 5%, and also the Namshi site has a lot of Multiple, beautiful and wonderful products of high quality, and also bags, there is a big discount with using Namshi UAE discount code.

Does Namshi UAE provide a delivery service?

One of the advantages of the Namshi website is that it provides a delivery service, after you use the Namshi UEA discount code, which may save some money, and also a free delivery service has been provided in order to help many people to shop using the Internet without leaving the house.

Also providing a lot of things in a freeway and a delivery service to anywhere in a smooth and easy and fast way as well, so Namshi UEA discount code is the best store and the favourite of people in UEA.

I cannot cancel my order, what is the reason?

You cannot cancel the order if the shipping procedures are in effect, or if the order has been shipped, once your order has been shipped or even the shipping process has begun, we will not be able to stop or even cancel it if no longer want to receive If your order, you can refuse it when the delivery representative calls, or when he comes to deliver it to you.

 With this, the request will be returned to us. Once the representative includes your order within the returned orders, the amount will be returned to you via your Namshi balance if you have already paid, whether you paid by card or with Namshi credit.

How can I purchase a Namshi Gift Card?

  • Payments are only accepted by bank cards when purchasing gift cards.
  • Physical gift cards are not shipped.
  • The gift card will be sent to the recipient via email.
  • Gift cards are non-refundable.
  • The gift card will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  • Once a gift card is scheduled for a later date, it cannot be rescheduled to be sent at another date
  • Refunds for orders partially paid by gift card and partially by other payment method will be refunded to each of the two payment methods in a proportional and weighted manner.

How can I cancel a product or an entire order?

To cancel a product/order:

Please login to your Namshi account, choose my page and search in your list of orders to find what you want to cancel under the “My Orders List” tab, Select order details.

Please choose a reason for cancellation, then you will choose Cancel Order, after that, the process of canceling your order or a product from your order will be completed, and you will also receive an email containing updates about the product(s) -canceled order.

How to download Namshi UAE store for free?

As we all use smart phones and use them in everything in our lives such as work and also we see them in self-entertainment and also in watching movies and watching series and news of the day and also use them for enjoyment.

In addition many people use sites to buy online and the so-called e-commerce in which there are great and distinctive discounts it is 100% effective, and get Namshi UAE discount code.

The site also always tries to shorten the time and effort in order to help customers in shopping online. The application can be downloaded using the Saudi Namshi discount code in order to enjoy the discount provided by the site.

Also, after we download the site, we create an account on the store to make it easier for us to purchase products in an easier and faster way, First, we log in by adding private data such as name, age, address and phone number.

We create the account, add all the data and email, and then click on login to enjoy the offers and follow the page with all that is new, This is how we can benefit from the Namshi UAE discount code.

Some products were canceled from my order, how do I get a refund?

If you paid by PayPal, we will return the amount paid for these canceled products to your Namshi balance and you will receive an email about your new Namshi balance once the refund process is completed.

If you choose to pay by cash on delivery, you will only have to pay the amount for products shipped to you only, if you pay by credit/debit card, the amount paid remains on the card issued by the bank.

We don’t actually deduct the amount until your order has been shipped and delivered to the courier for delivery. The amount that your bank issues to us is only the amount of products shipped. For more information, you can contact your bank.

What is meant by Namshi credit?

Your Namshi balance is a credit amount that you can use whenever you want. We do not refund the amount paid in cash if you have returned a product, but we do return it to you via your Namshi balance or through a credit/debit card (if you paid for these products using a credit/debit card).

You can then use this credit to purchase a product in a new size, a different color or a completely different product. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that none of the service fees can be paid from the Namshi balance, as the shipping fees and cash on delivery are deducted by the shipping company.

I can’t see which option in the list indicates that Namshi credit will be used when making a payment?

Please make sure that you are logged in with your account at Namshi and not as a visitor. After logging in to your account, your balance will be added to the shopping bag value and you will have the choice not to use your Namshi balance and save it for later use.

Are my discount coupons valid on all Namshi products?

At Namshi, we aim to give our customers the best deals and discounts, the coupon codes you have are valid on most Namshi products, however there are certain products that the coupon cannot be used with. You will be notified that the coupon code is not valid on a specific product once it is used.

How can I browse the website in English?

If you are an iOS device user, please change the language of the entire device to change the language of the application.

If you are an Android user, please go to the menu, then go to my page and change the language from there.

For surfers via computer or mobile phone, please visit our website and then click on “English” on the top right of the page.

Common Questions

Are the products of the UAE Namshi store original?

Many of us are concerned about this question, but we assure you that it is 100% original and to make sure of this, follow our pages on social networking sites.

What is the shipping and delivery time at Namshi UAE?

The shipping time and delivery time may be two or three days, and the best is Namshi UAE discount code.

Can I use discount vouchers in addition to paying with Namshi credit?

Surely! You can use the discount voucher and choose to pay with your Namshi balance at the same time.

Does Namshi have shipping service abroad?

Namshi now offers international delivery in addition to delivery within the Gulf Cooperation Countries. You can choose your country when paying.

Is Namshi makeup original?

The Namshi store guarantees all products displayed on the official website and says that all Namshi products are original, including all makeup products and tools.