About the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons

Linzi is one of the biggest & leading brands of women’s fashion in Saudi Arabia, the company can provide a range of shoes & sandals that combine attractiveness and comfort, as they are of various shapes, colors and designs; To match all tastes of its customers.

Linzi company services are available in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries since 2015 It offers the best modern and modern designs of women’s shoes and sandals to suit everyone with big tastes & inspired by the most famous international brands.

It was able to have a large base of shoppers through which to purchase its products and extended its branches to provide its services to the largest possible number of shoppers everywhere. 

In recent years, this online store was launched for the possibility of communicating with the Linzi team and obtaining its products at any time and from anywhere and enjoying shopping Through Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons on all products.

The company also contributes to supporting breast cancer patients through campaigns it launches to raise money through its employees during the holidays, or by allocating a portion of its sales value to support patients. 

You can get the original Linsey products at the lowest prices through the Linzi Saudi Arabia website by simply applying the exclusive 2022 Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupon before completing the payment.

Linzi sections 

The Linzi brand’s online store includes a range of basic product categories, which enable clients to easily access what they need even while shopping, these are some of the main sections of the site:

Heels: This section includes some shoes & sandals that contain heels, short heels, such as platform shoes, high heels, sandals with heels, medium heels, and court shoes.

Boots: This section includes various kinds of boots, including military boots, Chelsea boots, tall heels, chunky boots, and short boots.

Flat shoes and sandals – This section includes a group of versatile shoes that do not have a heel, such as slipper shoes, women’s sports shoes, loafers, and others.

Sandals – This section includes various types of sandals, such as jelly shoes, flat-form shoes, wedge shoes, flip flops, flat sandals, sliders, heeled sandals, and others.

There are also a host of other sections, such as the New Arrivals section with the latest products that have arrived in the store, and the Bestsellers section with the most sold products on Linz’s website. 

You can get various Linzi products at competitive prices when you apply the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupon before exiting the payment page, to have a fantastic experience.

Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupon 2022, The best shoes at the lowest prices

Linzi Saudi Arabia is the ideal destination to buy comfortable women’s shoes with attractive looks. Use the Linzi coupon to enjoy a discount on your favorite shoes, you can get the latest designs of sandals and shoes in many colors from within the Linzi online store. 

Shop now from your home, workplace, university, or club from anywhere in the Gulf countries or Saudi Arabia and enjoy when using the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupon, Get an instant purchase discount on the value of original purchases at Payment from the store.

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The first branch of the Linzi company for women’s shoes was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and then its spread expanded to provide its services in all parts of the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf countries. 

It was able to have permanent customers everywhere. This store was established so that everyone can order and buy products Anytime and anywhere.

Advantages of shopping from Linzi Saudi Arabia

The store offers the best fashion for women’s shoes inspired by the most famous international brands and gives Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons.

  1. You can now shop for Linzi products from anywhere in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries
  2. There are different ways to contact the staff at any time around the clock.
  3. There are multiple and secure ways to pay for your purchases from within the store. You can buy all your needs and get them delivered on time to your door.
  4. Delivery service is provided at the highest level and as soon as the order is delivered.
  5. You can follow Lindsay’s account on the social networking platform Facebook or Instagram to receive all news.
  6. Linzi offers and discounts are constantly available on all products within the store, Linzi Store Coupons are available with a purchase discount of up to 15% on the product price upon purchase.
  7. You can subscribe to the newsletter via your e-mail to receive all the offers and new products constantly. You can get free shipping when you buy more than one piece.

The most famous Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons 

Linzi discount code enables you to buy the latest models of shoes and sandals at the lowest prices, it enables you to buy the best shoes and sandals products inspired by the most famous international brands at the lowest cost.

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With The Linzi code, you can get a massive purchase discount on the price of the product when buying from the Linzi online store, the Linzi promotional code purchases at the lowest price, use the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons within the purchase process to be discounted on the orders.

The Linzi coupon also enables you to get a great purchase discount when buying from inside the store, you can get the best shoes for any occasion you have, wherever you are at the lowest prices, use the Linzi store discount coupons and get an instant purchase discount.

How to get Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons?

Linzi discount codes are available on our coupon code website, or you can get them by applying the great discount coupon code. An effective and instant Linzi discount code with a 15% discount on the original product price is to be used before the payment is confirmed inside the store.

Download the application now on your mobile and search for the Linzi store through the search bar upon entering the 100% effective Linzi discount codes displayed.

Payment methods on Linzi Saudi Arabia

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Oboe (formerly Sage Bay)
  • Payment when receiving

Don’t forget to apply the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons 2022 to get a special discount on your purchases before checking out the payment page.

Linzi Saudi Arabia Shipping Details

Orders are delivered to Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Khobar…etc. Often within 8-9 days from the date of confirmation of the purchase order, and the shipping period depends on the payment method used as follows:

  • Delivery takes 7-10 days if you pay by credit card.
  • Delivery takes 10-12 days if the payment is on receipt.
  • Shipping is free of charge for orders over 750 SAR.
  • A shipping fee of 19 SAR is paid if the order value is less than 750 SAR.
  • An additional fee of 10 Saudi riyals is paid in case of using the cash-on-delivery method, provided that the maximum value of the order is 1000 Saudi riyals.

Return and exchange policy at Linzi Saudi Arabia

You can submit a request to return products you have purchased from Linzi within 14 days of receipt, the site does not allow exchanges, Also Products included in special offers cannot be returned.

Shipping, COD, and any other additional charges are not refundable with the refund, Refunds will be made to the same payment method used within 3-5 days of accepting the return request.

Linzi Saudi Arabia Return Terms and Conditions

  • The product must be in its original condition.
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging.
  • The product must be unused.

What are the delivery time and shipping costs in Saudi Arabia?

It will be dispatched within 1-2 days, and delivered in 8-9 days, Total delivery time depending on the payment method Credit card orders take 7-10 days.

Payment upon receipt of requests takes 10-12 days, Delivery fee in Saudi Arabia is 19 SAR, Free delivery for orders of 750 riyals and above, and the Payment upon receipt fee is 10 riyals, the maximum amount for cash on delivery requests is 1000 riyals.

Linzi store return and exchange policy

We do not offer exchanges for online purchases. You will need to return the product to us for a refund and to place a new order, you can return the order within 14 days from the date of delivery. 

The request must be submitted through your account page or by contacting us via email or phone, Items must be in their original condition and the original box or packaging as purchased and unused.

We will send you a ready-to-print shipping label All you have to do is print this shipping label and attach it to the order package you wish to return and then ship it to the address below, Customers will pay the shipping cost for the returned orders.

Products must be returned unworn and in their original boxes with the database attached. Communicate with the call center to receive the return address and send it via any shipping company to the address provided.

How do I get my money back from Linzi?

We cannot accept products that cause discomfort unless a manufacturing defect in the shoe can be proven to cause it, any purchases made on special offers or sales are not returnable, and Shipping charges and COD charges are non-refundable.

We are not responsible for any boxes damaged in transit but if the shoes were damaged in transit and were crushed inside the box we ask that you email the pictures immediately.

If your order has arrived and you believe the package has been tampered with, damaged or products are missing, please contact Customer Service immediately and make sure to keep your packaging and paperwork until the issue is resolved.

Contact the Linzi Store in Saudi Arabia

You can communicate with the Linzi Store in Saudi Arabia to enjoy a unique shopping experience, to save time and effort in searching for any products you want to buy, you must subscribe to the news of the Linzi Store. 

To view all the offers, discounts, and Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons, and on the new products, you just have to go directly to the store, and you will get the best shopping experience ever.

Lind customer service Saudi Arabia

Linzi store customer service staff enjoy exceptional advantages, because they are highly experienced and skilled, in addition to working around the clock, to respond to customer complaints and inquiries, and to confirm payment service and receipt times by communicating via store emails: Support.me@linzi.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About Linzi Store

Does Linzi Store provide high-quality products?

Yes, the store provides a distinctive assortment of women’s shoes and sandals inspired by the most famous international brands with high quality.

Is my payment information secure in Linzi?

We do not store card details. All payments are handled by two of the world’s leading payment companies, Sage Pay and PayPal. 

Can I pay cash on delivery in Lindsay?

No, this method is not available at the moment in Linzi, you can only pay by other means through a credit card.

How do I get my money back from Linzi?

When confirming the product has manufacturing defects, your money will be refunded after placing a new order in it, and it will be sent to you in the way it was paid.

Are the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupons always effective when using?

Yes, Coupon is always keen on constantly updating the Linzi Saudi Arabia Discount coupon to ensure that customers always receive the latest coupons.