citrusstv Saudi discount coupon

citrusstv Saudi discount coupon is your right way through the greatest store where the real enjoyment of shopping and purchasing in addition to saving money.

A brief overview of the history of citrusstv Saudi discount coupon

When we mention Citruss store, we talk about one of the most important, famous, and serious stores which you can deal with.

The Citrusstv Saudi discount coupon was specifically founded in the year 2005 as a new idea in those days in the shape of a television channel.

Citruss is considered a leader in the multi-platform shopping field. So, it offers a wide variety of selections of very high-quality products.

The gradual development of citrusstv Saudi discount coupon

Citruss T.V has done its best to provide the best services in the field of online shopping to as many customers as possible. 

As a result of its care and interest in the technology field, Citruss World of Shopping has created many numerous shopping platforms.

These platforms represent different means of communication such as : TV, website, mobile applications in addition to social media.

About Its Policy And Commitment

According to its policy and commitment to providing seamless and convenient services across all the regions in the shopping field.

In 2017, Shark Shopping, one of the largest multi-media retail platforms in China, became a major investor in Citruss World of Shopping. 

No doubt that during the investments and technology made available by Shark Shopping, Citruss became able to offer a greater selection of high-quality products and services.

citruss target customers

The company aims to provide various home shopping services to a number of more than one million customers, in addition to reaching more than 300 million people in the Middle East and North Africa alike.

Citruss makes a big effort to offer a large number of high-quality products which cover different categories that will be mentioned in the following lines such as home, kitchen, health & beauty, and fashion & jewelry.

Channel broadcast place

The broadcast of Citruss World of Shopping channel is from Dubai where the United Arab Emirates.

It broadcasts around the clock via satellite (Nilesat/Arabsat) and also TV networks (du/Etisalat/OSN/Jukebox).

In addition, it seeks to provide a secure online shopping service for all ti’s customers.

Countries that citruss delivers to

citrusstv Saudi discount coupon delivers to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and many other countries in the Middle East.

Citruss World of Shopping continues its efforts to continuously innovate in order to be able to satisfy all its customers in both the Middle East and also North Africa region, through a wide variety of global resources.

citrusstv Saudi discount coupon

You can use the citrusstv Saudi discount coupon in any section of the citruss store. Because there are discounts on all the available products that are offered there as the following 

86% citrusstv Saudi discount coupon on kitchen cookware

The discount percentage varies according to the product, starting with 27% like the discount percentage on Fancy Miracle, a large Caliber juicer and gradually increasing until it reaches 86% as the percentage on Neoflam, perfect seal storage.

72% citrusstv Saudi discount coupon on home section products

The discount percentage begins from 12% like the discount on Bissell carpet cleaner formula and increases to 72% like the discount percentage on La Casamia 7 second magic pillow.

82% citrusstv Saudi discount coupon on Health & Beauty products

In this section, the reduction is allowed from 9% as in the product of So.Natural All day tight makeup until 82% as in the product of BTS character dental care set.

91% citrusstv Saudi discount coupon on Fashion & Jewelry products

According to these products the citrusstv Saudi discount coupon enables you to get the discount from 18% for the Bijou animal print gold watch until 91% for Slimmit padded panties. 

citrusstv Saudi discount coupon’s departments

Before we start viewing the citruss store sections, there are some points that must be emphasized such as 

  • The products offered at citrusstv stores will always win if you compare them to others.
  • The materials used in the products displayed in the store are the best.
  • The lowest delivery time, is when you order one of the store’s products, you will receive it in a period ranging from three days to five.
  • When you start shopping from citrusstv, you will get the best delivery service.
  • You can make shopping either through categories or brands.
  • Last but not least you will save a lot of money when you use citrusstv Saudi discount coupons.
  • You will get a discount for every purchase, and the discount rates range from 12% to 80%.

Now we will mention the different categories in citrusstv Saudi discount coupon.

The kitchen is the first category 

In this section you will find it is divided into three features to help you to know what you want for your personal kitchen. 

  • Kitchen essentials, where the different shapes, colors and sizes of food brands utensils and cookware.
  • Kitchen electronics which has the best brands of all kinds of appliances that can be used in the kitchen. Like, juicers, blenders, Air Fryerand, stand mixer and the food processor.
  • Kitchen accessories, which contain sets of perfect storage caddies and stainless steel Drain dish rack and so on.

The second category is about home

In this section you can find any product which is related to hom. The following lines will explain the main four features of this section.

  • Bath & bedding, that contains magic pillow, anti aging beauty pillow, natural latex topper and Yawn air bed.
  • Travel & outdoor which contains colorful bubble 5 piece luggage.
  • Home electronics like access control devices.
  • Home improvement contains, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, portable carpet cleaner, living boxes, clean water spin mop, pressure washer, carpet and floor washer, reclining chair, steam shot hard surface cleaner, steamer & iron, shoe rack, multi pouf and so on.

The third category is health & beauty 

All of us know that it is the most favorite section for all women. Therefore, citrusstv Saudi discount coupon paid great attention to this section, and its products were also chosen with great care. You will find in this section 6 features as the following

  • Health that includes leg master, exercise system, hair, skin & nails vitamins, fat burn vibration plate, multi functional twist stepper, maxxi collagen, maxxi weight loss, character dental care and air stretching massager.
  • Skin care consists of al caviar science serum and cream, HA essence with vit.c, beauty device of facial skin renewal, ultrasonic facial scrub device, pore remodeling mask and so on.
  • Body care that offers different hair removal devices for women, flexiforce pain relief cream and barefaced limited edition cleansing sets.
  • Hair care contains anti hair loss ampoules, Ionic straightening brush and ceramic hair styling.
  • Makeup contains all day tight makeup and rotating heated eyelash curler.
  • Fragrances.

The fourth category is fashion & jewelry

This section is also a very important one for every woman who is interested in her overall appearance. It is divided into the following two features.

Fashion which has variety brands such as Al Nada Black Bisht & Coral Jalabiya , Men’s shirt & free black sauna belt, Padded panties, Duha Pearl dress, Afrah Black Jalabiya, Saraya, Zina fashion, lola gold watch and so on.

Jewelry which includes the latest and most beautiful watch and accessories collections like Fervor, Adrienne Vittadini, Jones New York and a lot of different brands.

On the other hand, there are two important elements that citrusstv Saudi discount coupon offers to facilitate the browsing and shopping process, as well as buying what you need from various products. These elements are

Suggested categories, where you can find the new arrival products and other suggestions like Cookware, Air Fryers, Jalabiyas and Jewelry collections.

Suggested brands, which shows many brands as a suggestion for you like Bissel, SteamQ, Relance, Lindberg and a lot of others.

What brands are offered in citrusstv Saudi discount coupon?

There are a large number of famous brands offer their products through Citrusstv Saudi discount coupon such as 






Fay Hair Pro.


Zina fashion.








High Flyer.

Return and exchange policy in citrusstv Saudi discount coupon 

First of all, about replacement, Citruss store allows any customer to replace the product if it arrives damaged, broken or any other defect.

The product must be returned in the condition it was in upon receipt, with all its attachments, as well as in its box.

In the event that you receive a product other than the one you ordered, you will get your money back, but you must return the wrong product in its original condition and with all its parts.

Second, the return process, You can get your full money back, including shipping costs, but with several conditions

  • Returns must be made within 7 days of receiving the product.
  • The product must be in the same condition at the time of receipt and in a closed, unopened box.
  • The product should not be from the list of non-returnable products.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to return the product to citrusstv Saudi discount coupon. If you have opened the original packaging, used the product, or lost one of the product attachments. So, try to take care of these points and make sure that you purchase the suitable product that you really need.

Non-returnable products in citrusstv Saudi discount coupon 

There are many products that notify the customer when purchased that they are not returned. For example,Make-up, Hair creams / oils, slimming clothes and Cosmetics and perfumes.

Shipping cost if the product is returned

If the customer wishes to return the product within 7 days, citrusstv Saudi discount coupon guarantee to return it completely free of charge, and Citruss will pay the full shipping cost.

The main place of Citruss

The main offices, and also studios are located in the United Arab Emirates. 

 Other places that belong to Citruss

They also have docks of warehouses strategically which are located across the region such as Boutique Studio 18, Dubai Studio City & Dubai United Arab Emirates.

All that in order to deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep.

The Citrusstv channel

You can watch the channel on TV, as the programs broadcast around the clock via satellite and TV subscription service in both UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Other means of communication

There are two more ways you can follow the citrusstv Saudi discount coupon either the web site of the citrusstv or download the app.

The payment methods of citrusstv Saudi discount coupon 

There is more than one payment method, according to the citruss policy to facilitate purchases. If you are in Saudi Arabia only you can pay via the SADAD system. ( It is an advantage just for customers in Saudi Arabia).

Other methods for payment in citrusstv Saudi discount coupon

There are additional payment methods to enable the customers to pay as they want. Such as, 

You can pay cash on delivery.

Also, you can pay by credit card – Visa or MasterCard.

A third method available for paying is PayPal.

How can the customer make an order from the citrusstv Saudi discount coupon?

The orders are made through the Customer Service Center. By calling the number which corresponds to your country or via the link of the customer care.

How long does the order take to arrive home?

You can receive your order within 4-5 working days. Shipping time will sometimes vary depending on product availability in stock.

What are the exceptional cases of order delay?

In some cases the orders are lated:

  • Perhaps because the calls of the shipping company were not answered.
  • The address may be in a remote area.

Can order delivery be delayed?

Yes, the order can be postponed but no more than 15 days. You should contact the customer service centre.

Can the order be cancelled?

Yes, but you must contact the customer service center before sending the order. so that they can cancel it.

citrusstv Saudi discount coupon offers a great opportunity for every customer to get the best products with the cheapest price through the best quickly purchasing process.

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