Carina Egypt discount coupon

There are many discount codes found on Carina’s official website, and the Carina Egypt discount coupon is one of them.

The discount percentage offered by this code varies according to the existing and available discount, and in most cases the discount percentage is not less than 15%, but in most cases the discount percentage exceeds this percentage.

To be able to use this code, when purchasing products through the official website of Carina, it cannot be used when purchasing from one of Carina’s branches.

Information about Carina

It is a company that was established more than 20 years ago, as it was established in 1996 AD, in the Cairo Governorate.

It is a very large company and offers many original products which are mostly made of 100% cotton.

And through the Carina Egypt discount coupon, you can get a discount when you buy through the site, in addition to the discounts and offers that the company always offers.

Carina Egypt discount coupon 25%

It is one of the very popular discount codes offered by Carina, which gives you a 25% discount on the total purchases total.

But there are a number of other codes that the site constantly provides, in addition to the offers and discounts it offers as well.

So when buying, you should use the Carina Egypt discount coupon 25% or any of the other codes, in order to enjoy a discount on various purchases.

Carina website

It is a website on the Internet, so that you can buy the various products produced by the Carina company online without going to a branch.

You can also use the Carina Egypt discount coupon, which gives you a discount on products, which is not available in the same branches.

And you can easily access it by searching for it from any search engine and entering it and then using it in a very easy way.

Locations of Carina branches in different governorates

There are many branches of Carina, which are located in different governorates; there are more than one branch in almost all governorates of Egypt .

In each of the branches there are a number of discounts on different items in this branch, but it is not available to use the Carina Egypt discount coupon.

Below we will mention Carina’s branches in different governorates:-

Cairo and Giza branches

Cairo and Giza are among the largest governorates in which Carina has many branches, and you can go to any of the branches near you.

But you can only use Carina Egypt discount coupon from the site, and the branches located in Cairo and Giza are:-

  • Downtown Branch: – 19 Qasr El Nil Street
  • Corniche El Nil Branch: – Ramses Hilton – Corniche El Nil – Ground Floor.
  • Sayeda Zainab Branch: – Al-Mubadian Street – next to Vodafone, Orange and Chloe Branch – Tax Building.
  • Helwan Branch:- 32 Burhan Street – Al Qasr Mall – Second Floor.
  • Cairo Festival branch: – Cairo Festival City Mall – third floor – next to Divakno and Marks and Spencer – Cairo.
  • Al Rehab Branches: – Commercial Market, Shop No. 15/16 – Ground Floor, Old Commercial Market – Shop No. 178 – next to Gate 6.
  • Downtown Mall Branch: – 90th Street, next to the water station – Ground Floor, Shop No. 8, Building 3.
  •  Arabesque Mall Branch: – Gate 2 – Arabesque Mall – Madinaty.
  •  Wadi Degla Club Branch: – Al-Nakhil – Fifth Settlement – New Cairo.
  •  Al Shams Club Branch: 53 Abdel Hamid Badawi Street – in front of Gate 1 Al Shams Club.
  • Roxy Branch: – 4 Sayed Abdel Wahed Street – off Al Laqani Street – above Tasnim Store.
  • Heliopolis Branch: 65 Al-Khalifa El-Mamoun Street – Ibrahim Al-Laqani.
  • Karba Branch:- 1 Ibrahim Street – in front of Cilantro Cafe – Shabrawy Arabiata
  • Al-Nasr Street Branch: – 59 Al-Nasr Street – next to the Radisson Blu Hotel – Kheir Zaman Market.
  •  Sheraton Heliopolis Branch: – District Mall
  • City Center Almaza Branch: – located in Sheraton Airport.
  • Dandy Mall Branch:- Kilo 28 Cairo Alexandria Desert Road – Dandy Mega Mall – Ground Floor – Shop No. 104
  • Juhayna Square Branch: – Mall of Arabia – next to Gate 2 – 6 October
  • 6th of October Branch: – Sixth District – Najda Square – Cityscape – First Floor.
  • Mall of Egypt Branch: – First Floor – Entrance D21.
  • Wadi Degla Club October Branch: – Al-Rabwa
  • Shooting Club Branch: – Inside Shooting Club – 6th of October
  • Sheikh Zayed Branch: – Fifth Neighborhood – Mazar Mall – Unit No. FA13.
  • Laselky Maadi Branch: – 2/2 Laselky Division – in front of Metro Market.
  • Grand Mall Maadi Branch: – Fourth Floor – Qom Shop 607-608, Ground Floor, Qom Shop 602 – In front of Costa Cafe.
  • Wadi Degla Club, Maadi Branch: Gate 4 in front of Al-Basin.
  • Kholousi Branch: – Prince Mall – 16 Kholousi Street – Ground Floor – Shop No. 4.
  • Shubra Branch: – Doran Shubra Square – Shubra Main Street – in front of KFC – Cairo.
  •  Olive Branch: 39 Selim Al Awal Street – next to Al-Haddad Pharmacy.
  • Haram Branch: 95 Haram Street – City Mall – Shop No. 16, First Floor
  • Branch of Al-Arish Street: – 10 Al-Arish Street – Giza.
  • Haram Plaza Branch: – Haram Plaza Mall – 42 Haram Main Street.
  • Talbieh Branch: – in front of Dog Club – next to Chloe – Talbieh.
  • Branch Faisal Street: 254 Faisal Street – Al Taawun Station – in front of Al Abd Pastry Shop – before Al Taawun Gas Station
  • Diaa Street Branch: – Hassan Mohamed Station – Giza.
  • Dokki Branch: – 18 Street – Shooting Club – in front of Gate 1.
  • Mohandessin Branch: 52 Shehab Street – in front of Radio Shack.
  • Othman Bin Affan Branch: – 2 Othman Bin Affan Street (formerly Jazirat Al Arab) – branched from Jamiat Al-Dawwal.
  • Mohandessin Branch 2: 21 Yathrib Street, off Abu Bakr Al Siddik Street – in front of Kanzy Hotel.
  • Shooting Club Branch: Inside Shooting Club – Dokki
  • Nasr City Branch: – 7 Hassanein Heikal Street – First Abbas El Akkad.
  •  City Center Branch: – City Center Mall – Ground Floor – Nasr City
  • Genena Mall Branch: – First and Third Floor – Nasr City.
  • Abbas El-Akkad Branch:- 11 Abbas El-Akkad Street – Nasr City
  • City Stars Branch: – New Mall – Fourth Floor – City Stars – Shop No. 4153
  • Hadayek El-Kobba Branch:- 115 Misr & Sudan Street.
  •  Mokattam Branch: 2 Street 9 – Al Nafoura Square.
  •  Manial Branch: – 55 Manial Street.

Carina Alexandria branches

Alexandria is the second or third largest governorate that contains Carina branches in various, and here are these branches: –

  • San Stefano Branch: – First Floor – Shop No. 126 A – Next to Al-Ahly Bank.
  • San Stefano Mall Branch: – Ground Floor – In Front Of Arab African Bank – Shop No. E 30.
  • Smouha Branch: – Shop L6 – L5 Green Plaza Mall – Smouha – Ground Floor – In front of Cafe Abu Ali.
  • Roushdy Branch: – 18 Syria Street – Alexandria.
  • Raml Station Branch: – Saad Zagloul Street – the intersection of Mansheya – Falaki Mall
  • City Center Branch: – Ground Floor – Mall 60 A C – In front of Zara.
  • Orouba Mall Branch: – Burj Al Arab
  • Hannoville Branch: Alex City Mall – Hannoville Square

But if you want to shop from the site’s crescent, you should use the Carina Egypt discount coupon.

Branches of the rest of the provinces

There are a number of branches in other governorates, including the following:

  • Tanta Branches: – 9 Mostafa El Gendy Street – Previously Moheb Street – Above Concrete, Orouba Mall Tanta – Mahalla Road – Next to Belife Store – Shop No. 60, Hassan Bin Thabet Street, Nawaj Road – Inside Mall of Arabia – next to Donna Doni and Concrete.
  • Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra Branch:- 30 Al-Moshir Ahmed Ismail Street.
  • Ismailia Branch: – 9 El Thawra Street.
  • Mansoura Branches: – Plaza Mall / 50 El-Mashaya Al-Sofya Street / 25 Al-Galaa Street.
  • Fayoum Branch: – Mohandessin Tower – Shop No. 3 – Al Horeya Street – Corniche
  • Damietta Branches: – Saad Zaghloul Street – in front of Al Saa’a Square – next to Chloe’s shop / Al Safwa Mall – Nile Corniche.
  • Hurghada Branch: – City Center Hurghada – next to Hilton Plaza – Arabiya Road – Al-Wafa and Al-Amal area.
  • Kafr El-Sheikh Branch: – 6 Ibrahim El Moghazy Street.
  • Sohag Branch: – Al-Gomhoria Street – next to Wesaya Store.
  • Beni Suef Branch: – Al Rawda Street – Al Jawhara Tower.
  • Qena Branch: – Al Rawda Tower – 23 July Street – in front of the Agricultural Club.
  • Zagazig Branches: – Al-Ghasham Street – in front of Al-Raya Market / Mohamed Mustafa Tower – Al-Moshir Ahmed Ismail Street – the intersection of Al-Qawmiya Square – in front of Tata Restaurant.
  • Menoufia Branch: – Stadium Street – next to KFC – Shebin El-Kom.
  • Benha Branch: – 12 Farid Nada Street (Atrib Street) – Al-Ahram – in front of KFC – Shop No. 4.
  • Assiut Branch: – 2 A Namis Street – Al-Salihin Tower.
  • Beheira Branch: – Abu Homs – next to Banque Misr
  • Suez Branch: – Al Safwa Tower 12 – Al Shuhada Street.
  • Mit Ghamr Branch: – 92 – Army Street – Mit Ghamr.
  • Minya Branch: – 28 Taha Hussein Street.

You can go to any of these branches in your governorate, or shop through the site using the Carina Egypt discount coupon.

Carina products

There are many products produced by Carina, and these products are divided into several sections on the site where you can use the Carina Egypt discount coupon, including the following:-

Everyday Basics

Within this section there are a number of other sections, namely:-

  1. Tops.
  2. Bottoms.
  3. Dresses.
  4. Knitwear.

Each of these sections includes a number of clothes that belong to it, and the average price in these sections is approximately 500 Egyptian pounds.

But with the use of the Carina Egypt discount coupon, this amount will be reduced.


It also includes within it three sections, namely sets, Tops, Bottoms, But the prices of this section are almost more expensive.

The average prices are 600 pounds or more, and in some sections they are less, but through the Carina Egypt discount coupon, you will save a part that is the amount.

This section includes clothes that are longer and is intended for women who do not prefer short clothes.


In this section there are all kinds of women’s underwear that women need of all kinds. The section includes the following: –

  • Bras:- The types that are found in this section in fabrics, shapes and everything, so the prices also vary, starting from 100 pounds up to 400 pounds approximately.
  • Panties:- The types in this section also differ, but most are made of cotton, so here are also different prices that do not exceed approximately 500 pounds, and when you use the Carina Egypt discount coupon, you will get a discount.

There are two other sections in this section, namely Shapewear and slips, and you can browse them and view the products when entering the site.


Sleepwear varies in types, and Carina includes all kinds of different sleepwear, which can be purchased through the website or through one of the branches.

This section includes many types of sleepwear, including pajamas, lingerie and Nightgowns, and you will find a number of products in each of the sections.

Prices vary in each section but in most cases you will find a number of offers and discounts on the site, in addition to the Carina Egypt discount coupon.


This section contains all kinds and forms of women’s sportswear, which is sometimes called gym clothes that are dedicated to practicing sports.

Also, this section is one of the sections that are most affordable, and by using the Carina Egypt discount coupon, you can deduct an additional part of the amount.

The site includes a number of other sections and icons that can be explored when entering the site, but if you purchase from the site, use the Carina Egypt discount coupon to get a discount beside the main discounts on the site

Is there free shipping – in carina? 

Yes, there is free shipping when the invoice value exceeds 600 pounds.

How long is the delivery time in Carina?

The delivery time varies from one governorate to another, but it is shipped within 3 days as a maximum period.

When is the Carina Egypt discount coupon used?

The Carina Egypt discount coupon is used intentionally to confirm the purchase through the site.

What are the working hours in Carina branches?

Work in Carina branches starts from 11 o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock in the evening.

Does Carina offer discounts? 

Yes, offers and discounts are continuously offered on the site besides the Carina Egypt discount coupon.

Can he contact customer service?

You can contact customer service through several methods, including:-

  • the website
  • various social networking sites
  • the unified number
  • The WhatsApp application.

Carina is one of the best brands that offers clothes in Egypt , in addition to offering a Carina Egypt discount coupon, which reduces you part of the invoice amount depending on the value of the discount.