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Information about the BooksVenue UAE store

BooksVenue Group based and opened the first store in Dubai, one of several planned for the business in the Middle East.

They has their first place in the Arab World in Dubai and UAE, and the BooksVenue Group want to expand its existence and enter their brand to other Arab markets.

The BooksVenue Group is a large retail book company, which owns and operates more than 15 million international and local books at any field, Education, Sporting, Fashion, Human development, History, technology, multimedia and beauty, cosmetics, kids, cars and anything new.

We are existent in the Middle East across the United Arab Emirates now and looking for more. There are two locations in UAE, and with further expansion plans, customers can now enjoy the “BooksVenue” services, with the same facility availability anywhere.

My experience of buying online on BooksVenue UAE store?

The offers on BooksVenue UAE are special and unique; no library in UAE can give better than theirs. They provides you the most distinguished experience, as it guarantee that you will have a speed up, well displayed and easy surfing on the website, through BooksVenue app or when using the BooksVenue UAE discount coupon.

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The payment methods in BooksVenue Store

BooksVenue store has many different payment methods, including:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Paypal
  • American express
  • Cash on delivery
  • Buy Now, Pay Later

They will be adding Buy now, Pay Later option for UAE credit cards soon.

Seeking to save money for the customer, we offers you with many special BooksVenue deals that made for that purpose.

In addition, the return and refund policies are set in the interest of you.

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They all are active BooksVenue coupon code that is real to reduce prices.

What makes the buying experience within BooksVenue store special?

The advantages from experience of buying from BooksVenue store, are too many, we will mention some here:

  • Within the BooksVenue store, there are books that may not found in any stores, so you will find whatever you want and whatever the title or sort you are looking for.
  • BooksVenue UAE discount code is also available daily, monthly and annually on various Arab and local occasions. Including the BooksVenue UAE discount codes.
  • Having many international books that may it cost a lot or not be available in the local market, and with providing you, the strongest BooksVenue UAE discount code to get the best discount you can get it all.
  • BooksVenue discount code is fresh and 100% real allows you get luxurious materials and products at an affordable cost.
  • The Customers will feel like all that they need for their personal needs, is in one place, which is BooksVenue UAE Store.

BooksVenue UAE store created a competition with old-fashioned libraries in UAE market, especially with Al-Farabi library, Emirates library by offering lower prices for its books with the same ammount and more diversity.

They also activated many discount codes for some of their goods that provided with real BooksVenue UAE discount code.

BooksVenue wanted to make a lot of codes and coupons, on top of these coupons is the 100% applicable and effective BooksVenue UAE discount code, which offers discounts of up to 35% to 80%.

BooksVenue UAE online store sections:

There are too many parts in our platforms, including big list of sorts of books that featuring men and women interests, kids, sports and a punch of titles in books icon as well.

Moreover, there are special deals daily for products at Best Sellers; we are waiting you to get your BooksVenue UAE discount code and shop cheaply.

How can I buy from BooksVenue Store?

At first, open the official website or the main platform of BooksVenue store.

Then, go to the store and log in as a user and browse what you want from the wonderful and distinctive products, and you can search separately for a specific product through the search bar or enter on Books at the top.

Then, choose the book you need to purchase, then click on the “Add to Cart” icon, after selecting the quantity you want from this book, then click on “Complete the purchase.”

However, before completing the purchase, you can go to this page to use BooksVenue UAE discount code to get the instant BooksVenue UAE discount code, and then click on the “Checkout” icon.

From there, the application asks to enter your address and your smartphone number so that you can complete the purchase process and complete the success of the delivery process.

After completing all these matters, the application will send a confirmation message for your order containing the date of delivery of your order.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Online with BooksVenue UAE discount Code?

BooksVenue UAE have set many ways for Buying, and it works on giving everybody a good chance to have high classified books with low price by using it coupons.

It tries giving help to their customers to get what they look for.

We mention here some secrets tips to find out more about its useful shopping:

  • Free and express shipping on all orders above UAE above 100 AED.
  • Avail the chance to save massively on books that are cheaper than any place in UAE.
  • Cash on Delivery Option is available.

What is the Return policy for books at BooksVenue UAE?

If the Book is received in a damaged condition, then the Book will be replaced with a new one from our end. Please ensure to intimate us immediately if the Book is received in a damaged condition within 1 hour of receiving the same so that the investigation team will check the issue with the courier collaborate and update us.

The replacement will be sent once the investigation is done. We won’t be able to provide a replacement if it is not intimated to us immediately 

What is the Return policy for books at BooksVenue UAE?

If the order is placed using Credit card or Debit Card, then the refund will be done to the credit card or debit card used for purchase in BooksVenue. If the customer chooses Cash on Delivery payment option, no cancellations are allowed if the Book is dispatched In 7 – 14 Working Days. If there is any delay, our customer service will inform the customers. If the payment method is Gift coupon, then a new gift coupon will be issued if the Book is cancelled or not available. If the order is placed using PayPal, the refund will be done back to the PayPal account only.

What is the Cansellation policy for books at BooksVenue UAE?

 No Cancellations are permitted in BooksVenue as the orders are placed with our International Publishers and takes around {7 -14} Working Days for delivery. Once the order is placed, a cancellation can be done the same day only and if the book has not been dispatched from our end

What is the delivery timeframe if I Order online?

The delivery days are mentioned in the product detail page. Some Books are sourced internationally and will take 10 – 15 working days. Gift Cards and E-Books are Emailed to the user’s registered email id.

What are the Delivery charges?

We provide Free Shipping in United Arab Emirates if the order value is greater than AED 100. For other countries, the shipping charges are calculated automatically at the checkout page according to the weight of the product and destination country.

How can I track my Order?

Once the order is dispatched, an automatic mail is sent to the user’s Email id with the courier name, and docket number. The customer can enter the docket number in the courier’s website and track the shipment progress.

Is there any Custom / Taxes / Octroi Charges?

We do not have control on Taxes / Custom / Octroi charges and it varies from country to country. If there are any custom charges, it should be borne by the customer / recipient and Booksvenue doesn’t take any responsibility for custom charges charged during delivery..

What are the Shipping Restrictions?

If there are some restrictions in countries where the couriers will not be able to ship the products. Once the order is placed, we would be informing the customer and the order will be cancelled if the courier has restrictions delivering in the country.

How do I find the BooksVenue product I’m looking for?

Easily: enter the book title or number in the search box at the top right of the page.

What is the Privacy Policy for BooksVenue?

Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without notice. We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. Please review this policy periodically to make sure you are aware of any changes.

What should I do if my BooksVenue UAE discount code not working? Alternatively, if have any problem?

You can contact Customer Service immediately by the help bar in under the right page or by