agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code

The world famous brand agentprovocateur offers many discount codes that you can use when purchasing from the site in any country in the world, as some of these codes are available for a specific country, and others you can use through any country in the world.

Each discount code has a certain value or a certain discount percentage that is deducted from the required amount in the final invoice when using it, and therefore you can buy everything you want from the site, any of all products, and then when you complete the purchase process only using agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code, and you will get  Big discount.

This code is not intended for only one product or only a section of the products, all codes are available for all products, but there are some codes that have certain conditions such as that the invoice exceeds an amount and you will get a discount percentage for that amount, and others do not have  Conditions, and discount codes available on the website are as follows:-

agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code 10%

When you use this code, you will get a discount of 10% of the total amount required in the bill, and this code can be used more than once, and it is available in all Gulf countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code 20%

This code deducts 20% of the value of the product on the site, and it can be used by any of the customers on the site, and it can be used several times in any of the Gulf countries.

agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code 60%

This code is available on any site in the Arab Gulf countries, and you can use it in several other sections, and this code provides you with 60% of the total amount required.

agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code 70%

This code offers you a discount of 70% of the total value of the products you purchased through the site in the Gulf countries as well and a number of other countries.

agentprovocateur has many other discount codes, but the previous examples were for some special codes offered by the company, as it always works to make its customers happy because they get the best products at the lowest prices, in addition to making the prices suitable for most people, you will enjoy an additional discount when using  agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code.

Information about agentprovocateur Store

agentprovocateur store is one of the world famous stores, as it provides its products in most countries around the world, which offers many different products in designs, colors and sizes, which are of exclusive designs and suit all different tastes of women.

This is so that all women from all over the world can easily choose their clothes and products that suit them, and there are many different products on the site that we will learn about one by one in this article.

The company has many advantages that it offers, in addition to the quality of the wonderful products. It is a company of British origin, which was founded by a person named Joseph Corey and Serena Reese, and the company has more than 13 stores around the world.

It is a store that is neither old nor modern, as it was established in 1994, that is, more than 28 years ago, during which time this brand became very popular in all countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Its headquarters is located in London, England, and it is a clothing company originally, but the clothes in it are diverse, including underwear, other sleepwear, and many other products. The company also has a website that you can access, and order products from it very easily.

The company has manufactured this site in order to make it easier for customers to purchase, and therefore do not have to go to one of the company’s branches, which are not located in all countries.

Through the site, you can choose the products you like, and order them directly, and you can also enjoy a special agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code, which provides you with a large discount from the amount required from you.

agentprovocateur products

There are many products offered by the famous and international agentprovocateur company, but all products are for women, there are no products for children or men produced by this company.

Most of the company’s products are clothing-related, as it offers swimwear, sleepwear, lingerie and other types of clothing, as well as a special section for accessories.

All the products produced by the company are of high quality, distinctive materials, wonderful design, and cheerful colors, and the following will explain all the sections included in the site:-


Swimwear is a section of the sections on the site that includes a number of other types inside it. When you enter the site and choose that section, you will find there are 4 options, including bikini, swimming suit, cover up, and AP forever, all of which are available with agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code.

There are also many products in each of the sections, for example, the bikini section, where you will find about more than 50 pieces in the section, and these pieces are distinguished by their different designs, colors and sizes.

There are many different prices, because each item has a price, you will find that the bra has its own price different from the price of the panties, the prices of bras start from 520 AED up to 950 AED.

And the prices of the pants start from 395 dirhams up to 810 dirhams, and this is the average price, but it is possible that there are more expensive pieces or less, so the cheapest bikini swimwear is 950 dirhams, and the most expensive swimwear is approximately 1760.

And you can choose between them, based on your desire, taste and budget, but when you use to agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code, you will get a huge discount.

When entering the swimming suits section, you will find many pieces of one-piece bikini swimsuits on the site, which number more than 23 pieces in this section, and these pieces vary in their colors, sizes, designs and prices as well.

Where prices range from 1000 dirhams up to 2500 dirhams, and their prices may be less than this way or more, but in most cases the average prices are like this.

In the coffee-up section, the number of products is very few, which does not exceed approximately 10 pieces, and the cover-up is a type of swimwear, which is almost like a dress and the piece is long in most, but there are some pieces of it that are short.

There are many discounts in this section, which provide a large amount estimated at about 40% of the price of the original product or more, and it is also recommended that you use agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code that you will get an additional discount.

AP’s swimwear is also a type of swimwear, and in this section you will find about 14 different pieces, most of which are in distinctive black designs, and the prices of these different pieces also range in this section.

You can buy the bra and the pants, both separately or as a swimming suit together, there are many graphics in this section, and the prices of the suits in this section range from 1000 to 1500 AED, after the discounts on the site, but if you are going to buy, use the agentprovocateur united arab emirates  discount code

Swimwear section In this section you will find all the swimwear in the whole section, if you want to search and want to see all the products in the section in general, you can choose this option.

Lingerie Department

This section has many sections, it includes several other sections inside it and many products, it contains about 12 other sections, including all lingerie, bold lingerie, bras, black lingerie, underpants, bridal underwear, anytime collection, pantyhose  Forever AP, hosiery bras, corsets, and bodysuits, and we will explain the products in each section separately as follows:-

  • All Lingerie Section:- This section contains all the products in the main section. You can enter it to view all the pieces in this category, and enjoy the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code.
  • Bold Underwear: – A large number of products, estimated at 112, and the prices of these products range between expensive, medium, and cheap prices.
  • Bras:- There are 145 different bras in this section in different shapes, colors, designs, prices and sizes, prices start from 200 to about 1000 AED, and there are many different discounts available in this section, so you should order from these products to get the existing discount as you can use  agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code to enjoy a bigger discount.
  • Black Lingerie:- This section contains more than 240 different pieces, distinguished by its distinctive black color that is preferred by many women from different parts of the world.  More and every female can choose what she prefers or wants to buy from the site easily and use the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code.
  • Underpants:- This section includes about 280 pieces of panties of different colors, prices, shapes and fabrics, and the average price starts from 150 AED up to more than 500 AED, but you can enter the agentprovocateur united Arab emirates discount code to get an additional discount.
  • Underwear for brides:- In this section there are many pieces, which number more than 160 pieces, and contains a number of pieces suitable for brides, whose prices range from 300 dirhams to 1500 dirhams per piece, but this section is one of the great discounts on  All the different pieces as you can when using the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code for an additional discount that is not in the section.

There are a number of other sections in the lingerie section, where the number of pieces in this section is more than 1000 pieces, but previously we have explained the most important pieces on the site, and all other sections you can enter and see the number of products in them and know the prices, but most of the average and its effects are in  Availability of the previously mentioned prices, and through agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code, you can save better.


It has a number of other sections, like all the sections that were mentioned previously. It includes about 6 different sections, including all sleepwear, from nightgowns and robes, silk pajamas, kimono, bridal nightwear, AP Forever.

In each section there are a number of different pieces, the number of this section is more than 200 pieces, but the products of this section are a bit expensive, so the prices of clothes reach more than 6000 AED

But there are some discounts on the site on different items, as you can use the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code, which gives you a large discount, due to the discount code used when purchasing, but in both cases, any discount code saves you part of the required amount.

accessories department

This section includes within it about 8 different sections, and the number of pieces is more than 100 pieces, but these accessories are not accessories that are taken out, but are accessories dedicated to sleep wear, and also these pieces are in a very expensive piece, and the prices reach 11,000 UAE dirhams.

clothing department

It includes 3 other sections: clothes, dresses and pajamas, and each of them contains a large number of products, containing more than 100 different pieces, and prices start from 1000 dirhams up to 4000 dirhams, and there are some pieces that are cheaper than that amount or more, depending on your request and in  In both cases, you must use the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code to enjoy discounts besides the site’s discounts.

agentprovocateur website

agentprovocateur official website is

You can enter it and order different products after viewing all the products, inspecting them well or choosing the appropriate size and color for you, and then ordering these products according to the following steps

  • Enter the official website
  • Browse the site carefully and then choose the products you want to buy
  • This product will be added to the cart, go to the cart and review the products before buying
  • At checkout, make sure to enter the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code

What is the delivery time inside agentprovocateur?

Delivery time from one country to another, ranging from 5 days to 7 days in all Gulf countries

How can I track my order in agentprovocateur?

Agent Proctor order can be tracked using the order code sent via your email, after the shipping company receives it, to communicate with the shipping company using it.

Does the agentprovocateur offer various discounts and offers?

The site offers offers, discounts and many discount codes on an ongoing basis, in order to get the best products at the lowest possible price, and you can follow the agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code available at the moment

How can I contact customer service?

You can communicate with customer service through many different ways, including e-mail, which is

Contact by phone number:- 0097145867434.

Contact by sending a message on the WhatsApp application and the special number in that is:- 00971545576869.

You can also contact customer service through the official website.

Agentprovocateur is one of the most distinguished companies and brands that offer many unique and unparalleled discounts, including agentprovocateur united arab emirates discount code.